Format FM, Helsingborg 2007

The long overdue Music 4 Hours #8 is finally here!
This selection had been sitting in a crate for many months waiting for me to deal with it, nagging me about it on a daily basis. But lack of motivation and energy in a body of pain had me in a grip of reluctance, until last night's insomnia when I decided to give it a try. So I hit record, and this is what came out of it. I think it turned out ok enough, and hope you'll enjoy it. >>>

About two weeks ago I removed every single trace of Facebook from my website since their shit is so broken, all the likes were gone and many of the comments as well so better just scrap it all, FB feels completely outdated anyway and my site loads so much faster now.

I recorded a new Someone's Imagination song called Manifest. Have a listen here

I had another chaotic mix session of post-punk-industrial-dark-new-synth-wave-ebm-electro-clash meant to dance and move around to in a dark place packed with sweating strangers going wild high on everything while the music takes it up an extra notch or two. Recorded using strictly vinyl in my empty apartment, far from the situation I imagined playing it in. But I hope you will enjoy the tracks anyway. Pumping up the volume and dance around in your living room is ok to do too, even if it's nowhere near a real experience. But I hope you can bring this mix into your own reality and place it where it belongs, and enjoy my effort despite some weak transitions. Thanks for listening, and please share it with others if it moves you. >>>

Here we go again; house, techno, synthwave, electro, acid, italo, new wave, post-punk-dance, or something like that, to move around to. All wrapped-up in a confused mess; what just happened?
You tell me. But I hope you'll enjoy the trip, and share it with others! >>>

Suddenly I wanted to do something a bit more dancey, and just started recording. Completely unplanned, so I had to move around a lot trying to find what record to play next.

Around 120 BPM of house, acid, electro, nu-disco, spacesynth, italo & new wave; both soft and hard, dark and light. But with a steady beat to move around to.

I know mixes might be boring, but when placed in the middle of nowhere with no chance to get out and play, you're nobody. So put this on loud, and imagine being in a club, or at a festival, and tell me honestly if it wouldn't work.

Though it doesn't matter, read less of what I write and listen and dance to the mix instead. It's much better. Time is short, so enjoy yourselves.

But remember I can always be booked, even if I have to travel far, if you think it's worth it. I'm still waiting... >>>

More tension and frustration from me. Here captured, and sometimes hidden, within two hours of twisted electronic slow-mo beats and dubby organic madness; with a stunning sunset to look at while listening, to make it slightly less haunting.
Music by various artists and original photo by Jelena. Everything totally messed up by me, as usual.

If you enjoy what I do, and want to keep me motivated, please consider sharing my mixes with others, in every possible way. >>>

After my recent upload of an unfinished older mix, which got quite good response, I felt like recording something new, and it became a second round of mainly '80s tracks dealing with both difficult and wonderful things, so I decided to call it part 2 of The Dance of Frustration. Not saying there will be another one, not saying there won't. Not saying anything at all. I'll let the music speak. But I think I did a bit better technically this time, while keeping several, contradictory themes together. Ups'n'downs, lows'n'highs, caused by loss and longing, love and loneliness. There's always a theme, a thread, or several; maybe hidden, or obvious? I don't know, I don't decide. Once it finds me, I just do it. I hope you can feel it too; the dance, and the frustration. Just take it, do it, live it, before you die. >>>