Private Party, Norrköping 2008

Something made me dig out all my records with The Residents & Renaldo & the Loaf & Snakefinger.

They are supposed to be listened to as an album at a time,
but I messed it all up instead.
Planlessly, so I don't even have a tracklist.

Maybe it can serve as an introduction to those not familiar with them? >>>

I thought it was about time for you all to move around with me for a while again, so here's number five in the series - to make you move and groove. Mixed from my vinyl records, as usual, in one spontaneous and mostly unprepared take. Enjoy! >>>

I need limitations to work within, and be restricted by, in one way or another, otherwise I easily get stuck and uncreative. So after well over a year of no mixes I suddenly got the idea of making an alternative version of an old mix, using the same records, played in the same order, but with different tracks from them. Finding all the records took quite some time of digging through my collection, but considering how interesting it turned out (I think) and the enjoyment I got out of doing this (I think) it was totally worth it (I think). This will probably not be my last endeavour in these realms (I think). I hope you will enjoy it too! >>>

I found another old mixtape, this one's from 1992... >>>

I found an old techno'ish mixtape from 1991... >>>

I found some old mixtapes... >>>

I found an old techno'ish mixtape from 1991... >>>

I uploaded some old mixtapes... >>>