Datastorm 2018

All my 0x51d pL4n374ry releases are now available on Spotify. You can find them on

The odd one-person duo(!) which is 0x51d pL4n374ry & Someone's Imagination takes you on yet another deep unquantized hypnotic journey, where you have to take it all in and let it all go. Don't deny, don't waste time on that: but dance, if you wish.
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0x51d pL4n374ry w/ Someone's Imagination:
pl4n374ry + imagination - Repeats

Hauntingly pumping revelation,
from the dystopian outskirts

With no known beginning
or end,
perception can change
each time it repeats

There's nothing,
to understand
playing the game,
this place;

It's also possible
to choose to dance
and travel within,
I believe

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Surprise! Here's already Music 4 Hours #7. More uptempo and dancey than the last one, and quite chaotic at times; some records are really reluctant to blend in nicely. ;)

Often when I mix I enter some kind of dream-state where I'm not really sure what I'm doing, where the different sounds come from, which records I pick, or how to stop my curiosity about what will happen if the transition between two records goes on for a (too) long time; what will happen if I step back? It always turns into an experiment; in harmonies, frequencies, tempo, and styles. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't, but I don't enjoy to play it safe or stay too long in the same genre.

This time I played records from Eno-Roedelius-Moebius, Robyn, Linear Movement, Victor Ark, Benoit & Sergio, Andy Romano, Kleerup, Xander Harris, Hypnotique, Makina Girgir, Trentemøller, Signal Aout 42, Naum Gabo, 4 for Money, Grace Jones, Slyck, Ultra Satan, Talking Drums, Jimi Goodwin, Mildlife, The Androids, A Certain Ratio, Goldfrapp, AKSK, Sally Shapiro, Filur, Admas, Knut Skodvin, Panta Rhei, Telex, Nordub, Woima Collective, Brigitte Bardot, Laughing Eye and more...

The complete tracklist will as usual be posted in my Facebook group

I hope you will enjoy the selection! >>>

Time for a new mix, here's Music 4 Hours #6. Vinyl only and recorded in one take, with tracks from Double Geography, Shy Layers, Antoine Kogut, Black Devil, Anadol, Liquid Canoe, YMDF, Sacha Mambo, Broken Glass, Mildlife, Black Disco, Queen Martin, Laima, Aleceo, Causa, Daniele Baldelli, Louiselle, Michoacan, February Montaine, Chiemi Manabe, Errortica, Computa Games, Mandrill, Afrodesia, Chiara, Andy Romano, Sensitive, Siviyex, Flamingo Pier, Alien Alien, Mountaineer, The Residents and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's finally a brand new mix from me. This time with some groovy downtempo this & that to dance and dream away to. Italo Disco Boogie Soul Electro Funk... >>>

I released a new Someone's Imagination 4-track EP called "Shine Together". You can check it out here, and please make a purchase if you like it.
Words, scribbled endlessly on walls, repeated like mantras within the mind; creating vivid, hollow sounds of emptiness, while longing to shine together.

New 0x51d pL4n374ry album released, quite different to the previous one. Leaning towards trance/techno and much more uptempo. A mental trip, a journey within; to and from known and unknown places, old and new, dreams and emotions, order and chaos, meaning and purpose, and time floating endlessly meanwhile. Available on Bandcamp