Klubb Vertigo, Helsingborg 2010

I have finally released this album that I've been working on and off with since 1998. All Swedish lyrics.
Utan Personlig Ansvarighet, Utan Närmare Specifikation.
Written, produced and performed by Johan Åstrand.

You can listen to it on Bancamp. Eventually it will appear on the major streaming services as well, in about a week or so.

Earlier this week I suddenly got that urge of making a new mix and put some of my mess of records in order. I just have to wash my hands first, I thought - since I'm careful with my records and don't want to put fingerprints on them, and I feel I mix better with clean hands. There, by the sink in the bathroom, I somehow managed to do a strange move and my back snapped. It feels like a razor blade in your spine. And also in your mind, when you had a plan to do something. From one second to the other you can't do anything. Usually this means I can barely move and not walk for at least a week; stuck in bed, and this was a close one. But it turned out on the better side. Pain and hard to walk, but not totally disabled. Now, a couple of days later, I felt I really wanted to record that new mix I was thinking about. But since I've not yet fully recovered I decided to leave everything open and not focus on beat-mixing at all, so I recorded this instead. >>>

Stuff in the 80-100 BPM region that I've piled up, moved around, and added to for quite some time now. Today I decided to give the selection a try, and I think I nailed it quite well, though they were all in the wrong order to begin with - so a lot of more messing around while recording. Those of you familiar with recording mixes know what I mean; with the next record in pitch and cued up you suddenly go for something else and just manage to make it before the track ends. Lots of that in this one, but it's always worth it. So if you're sometimes not sure what's happening, don't be alarmed! Neither was I. It just worked out. Now chill & space out to this selection, or move around slowly. Peace & Love & Glow! >>>

I dug out a bunch of records quite randomly again, just to see what I could do with them. This time mostly beatmixed though a bit off at times, but mostly acceptable I think. On and off you can dance frenetically to it and later mellow out, cuddle and ponder if it really happened. Or was it just a phase of a passage in time, and space? >>>

A sudden urge to play records. No plan, nothing prepared. Pitch was used mainly for key, not for beat matching. Records were picked from here & there as I went along. So, not as laid back as it might sound. Lots of lucky guesses & probably lost opportunities as well, since my records are in a mess & I just picked what was nearby. But that was also the point; what happens if I just record when I planlessly dig around. Well, this is the answer. Maybe I'll do more mixes like this in the future, since I have so much to dig around in. It's nice not to give a damn about beatmixing sometimes. It opens up for completely different things. I usually do a bit of both, but here I let something else decide completely. >>>

Move Around four means more four on the floor for you to listen and dance to. It's house, or thereabout. Vinyl only and in one unprepared spontaneous take, as usual. I hope it will make you move your body and get down to the groove. >>>

Now I bring you number 9 of my Music 4 Hours mixes. I have a huge backlog of selections sitting around, so I decided to get busy.
My M4H selections aren't done based on what mixes best with what, or what would fill a dancefloor or not. There's not much thought or logic behind it, more emotions and a feeling about the music, variety and what I want to play at the moment. I usually prefer to play the complete tracks, either in key or tempo with the next one, so the mixing is just a bonus. I hope you will enjoy this one! >>>

Anywave [one]; a part of a bigger selection of new wave, post-punk, synthwave, industrial, ndw, goth rock and such that had been sitting in a crate for months. It turned out to be a difficult selection to pull off so I decided to spread it over two or three separate mixes instead of a long one. Vinyl only and only one take, like always. Nothing is perfect. Enjoy the darkness! >>>