Datastorm 2018

It's fascinating how, sometimes, if you slow things down, it gets even more enticing, driving, captivating and interesting. 33 is the new 45. >>>

Did a late night totally spontaneous live stream on Interstate FM playing some random records. Everyone missed it, but now you can listen back and download here. Enjoy! >>>

I recorded a new Someone's Imagination song called "For Life", you can find it on Bandcamp.

I felt it was due time for another Music 4 Hours so I recorded this with some nice music from Zenit, Anna Domino, Luca Musto, The Kloom, DAF, Startled Insects, Super Paolo, Lil' Louis & the World, Oro, Céline Gillain, Michal Turtle, UB40, Judie Tzuke, Imagination, Pieces of a Dream, Ourra, Grace Jones, Adam Chini, Peaking Lights, Populette, Ponty Mython, Escort, Umo Vogue, Osynlige Mann, Demis Roussos, Sky Tony, Z-Moor-Z, Raw, Red Axes, Asa Moto, Miko & Mubare, Jimi Jules, Michelle Gurevich and more. I hope you'll enjoy, and please share it! >>>

Here's the second mix in my new mix series replacing my live shows. This time with tracks from Robert Schröder, Tim "Love" Lee, Majesticons, AIR, Der Kundalini, Kiani & His Legion, Pàscal, CUBS, Elisa Waut, Zru Vogue, Bop & 291out, Rickard Jäverling, Take Three, Woolfy vs. Projections, Xique-Xique, Jesse, Rheingold, Mono Band, Gaznevada, Junior Byron, Comsat Angels, David Keaton, Shahara-Ja, Unit One, Neu!, A'mbar, Abaddon, Bandjo, Max Vincent, Hooverphonic, Gabi Delgado and many more. I hope you'll enjoy & spread it around! >>>