Datastorm 2018

This was my first stream in a very long time, completely spontaneous and vinyl only. Mixing is a bit off at times but I hope you'll enjoy the random selection. You can show your support by helping me fund this release if you'd like a copy: Cheers! >>>

Some tracks that I unfortunately didn't get to play at Datastorm. Back home, unpacking, I decided to mix them up, and into the cloud in a big mess, before sorting them back in a different order; some records have many sweet spots in the collection - like they are family. >>>

This year I returned to the Datastorm party to play some records and spread the cosmic vibes again. I did two sessions, which I've finally added to my mixpage. Audio recorded by SceneSat. Photos by Pad/ and 4champ. >>>

Here's a possible opportunity to get my tracks Teleported and Maintained on a properly mastered 10" vinyl record. Please help me fund this project, if it's a success I will release more records this way.
More info and pre-order on Qrates.

Now you can listen to my streams & mixes on Spotify.

I recorded a new Someone's Imagination song called Remain, you can find it here.

For all my productions, be it streams, mixes or music, I've always used my own photos as artwork. Now I've added some of them to DeviantArt and Society6 where it's possible to order printouts of different types and sizes to hang on your wall f ex.

Dance, smile, get into it, find balance, be happy, enjoy life, stay around, feel, believe, be, be, be. >>>