In 1990 I started composing on the Commodore 64 home computer, since then I've made over 350 tunes spread across some 30 music-collections. You can download those collections on this page.
To run them you either need The Star Commander to transfer the files to your C-64, or use a C-64 emulator like VICE or CCS64.

You can also browse my directory in High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC).
To play .sid files you need either SIDplay for Windows or SIDplay for Mac.

Another site to check out is Stone Oakvalley's Authentic SID Collection where you can find every tune from HVSC in MP3 format.

  Concluded Cuts
Released 2000-07-29 by Oxsid Planetary
  Zyron's Complete Voicetracker Collection
Released 1997-12-28 by F4CG
  The Oxsid Book
Released 1997-09-01 by Oxsid Planetary
  Nasty Old Pieces
Released 1997-04-04 by Oxsid Planetary
  Echoes of Rapture
Released 1996-12-24 by Oxsid Planetary
  Opera Omnia 4
Released 1995-12-28 by Swemix
  The Coloured Fields
Released 1995-07-14 by Swemix
  A Symptom from Afghanistan
Released 1995-07-01 by Swemix
  Swemix Collection 1
Released 1994-08-18 by Swemix
  Opera Omnia 3
Released 1994-08-01 by Antic
  Opera Omnia 2
Released 1994-03-01 by Antic
  Opera Omnia 1
Released 1993-11-01 by Antic
  Forgotten Beats
Released 1993-08-21 by Antic
  Zyron Music-collection 17
Released 1993-08-20 by Antic
  Zyron Music-collection 16
Released 1993-07-07 by Antic
  Zyron Music-collection 15
Released 1993-05-06 by Antic
  Zyron Music-collection 14
Released 1993-02-15 by Antic
  Zyron Music-collection 13
Released 1992-12-29 by Antic
  Zyron Music-collection 12
Released 1992-12-01 by Antic
  Zyron Music-collection 11
Released 1992-06-19 by Antic
  Zyron Music-collection 10
Released 1992-03-07 by Deceit
  Zyron Music-collection 9
Released 1992-02-10 by Deceit
  Laserdance Collection
Released 1992-02-01 by Deceit
  Zyron Music-collection 8
Released 1992-01-01 by Deceit
  Zyron Music-collection 7
Released 1991-11-07 by Deceit
  Zyron Music-collection 6
Released 1991-08-17 by Deceit
  Zyron Music-collection 5
Released 1991-06-13 by Deceit
  Zyron Music-collection 4
Released 1991-04-20 by Deceit
  Zyron Music-collection 3
Released 1991-02-03 by Deceit
  Zyron Music-collection 2
Released 1991-01-01 by Deceit
  Zyron Music-collection 1
Released 1990-11-26 by Deceit