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Zyron - Music 4 Hours #07
Zyron - Music 4 Hours #07 (4:07:53)
Eno-Roedelius-Moebius, Robyn, Linear Movement, Victor Ark, Benoit & Sergio, Andy Romano, Kleerup, Xander Harris, Hypnotique, Makina Girgir, Trentemøller, Signal Aout 42, Naum Gabo, 4 for Money, Grace Jones, Slyck, Ultra Satan, Talking Drums, Jimi Goodwin, Mildlife, The Androids, A Certain Ratio, Goldfrapp, AKSK, Sally Shapiro, Filur, Admas, Knut Skodvin, Panta Rhei, Telex, Nordub, Woima Collective, Brigitte Bardot, Laughing Eye and more...

Zyron - Music 4 Hours #06
Zyron - Music 4 Hours #06 (4:19:41)
Double Geography, Shy Layers, Antoine Kogut, Black Devil, Anadol, Liquid Canoe, YMDF, Sacha Mambo, Broken Glass, Mildlife, Black Disco, Queen Martin, Laima, Aleceo, Causa, Daniele Baldelli, Louiselle, Michoacan, February Montaine, Chiemi Manabe, Errortica, Computa Games, Mandrill, Afrodesia, Chiara, Andy Romano, Sensitive, Siviyex, Flamingo Pier, Alien Alien, Mountaineer, The Residents and more...

Zyron - Dance and Dream
Zyron - Dance and Dream (2:22:40)
Cube - Performance / La Bionda - Boxes / Music Service - Another Song / Tommy Kelvin - Jungle Bow Wow [Re-mixed] / Pink Rhythm - Melodies of Love / Mike Francis - Survivor / Nadia Cassini - Encounters / St. Tropez - Morning Music / Martinelli - Voice (in the Night) / Ray Cooper - Destination / Palais Schaumburg - The Beat of Two [Extended Version] / Peppermint Lounge - Perfect High [Instrumental] / Test-One - Dreamer / Yukihiro Takahashi - Metaphysical Jerks / Belle Belle - Take Me [Club Version] / The Suttons - Kraazy / Sue Sadlow - My Man [Radio Version] / Lamè - You've Got the Night / Surface - Falling in Love / Vivien Vee - Alright / N.O.I.A. - True Love [Sexual …

Zyron - In or Out
Zyron - In or Out (1:22:20)
Yasuaki Shimizu - I'm Dying for Love / E Ruscha V - Who Are You / XTC - Wonderland / Preludio - Mysterious Nights / Pluta Connexion - IC D'Amour / Moon Birds - Call Back / The Gist - Love at First Sight / Nite Jewel - Falling Far / AIR - All I Need / Paris Bis - Unis Dans La Nuit Unique / Laurie Mayer - Bright Blue Night / Renée - Lay Me Down / Vivien Vee - Gotta Go / He Said - Pump / Dibidim - Gefeelingen / The Blue Nile - Saddle the Horses / Adrian Gurvitz - New World / Tania Maria - Come with Me / Thomas Dolby - I Scare Myself

Chaotic Minds Don't Mind a Mess
Chaotic Minds Don't Mind a Mess (3:22:49)
Random records played completely random while constantly digging around randomly in my collection. Experimental, library, psych, jazz, soundscapes, spoken words, electronica, bossa, kraut, ambient and some quite weird shit as well.

Zyron - Music 4 Hours #05
Zyron - Music 4 Hours #05 (4:17:34)
SFF, Johan Timman, Sladjana, Green Baize, Cosa Rosa, Präsidium, Echo Romeo, Liquid Mask, Cruisin' Gang, Nemanja, Tomoko Aran, Pye Corner Audio, Isabelle Adjani, Blue for Two, Individual Industry, Austra & Gina X, U Skripcu, Esavù, Sisters of Mercy, Fatma, Hove, Asa Moto, Sandy Marton, Black Gold, Creatures, Fotoplastikon, Jones Girls, Masami Tsuchiya, Loggerheads, Gabi Delgado, Slam, Chris Brann, Rajan James, Xena, Mike & Brenda Sutton, Kryptonite, Denis & Denis, Pineapples, Brand Image, Barry White, White Noise and more...

KraftFloSchWerk (3:05:12)
Atem / Mitternacht / The Hall of Mirrors / Morgenspaziergang / Radioland / The Man Machine / Expo2000 / Vitamin / Autobahn / Airwaves / Intermission / News / Kometenmelodie 2 / Neon Lights / Trans Europa Express / Metall Auf Metall / Boing Boom Tschak / Techno Pop / The Robots / Home Computer / Metropolis / Showroom Dummies / The Telephone Call / Tour de France / Nummern / Computerwelt 2 / Sex Object / Dentaku / Computerwelt / Electric Cafe / Spacelab / Geiger Counter / Radioactivity / Kometenmelodie 1 / Ohm Sweet Ohm / Ruckzuck

My Unknown Territory
My Unknown Territory (2:15:38)
Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond [Part 1] / Cerrone - DNA / Mari Boine - Yes / Billy W. - Kick and Flutter [Soft Rocks 'Naked' Remix] / Traffic - Graveyard People / John Martyn - Big Muff / Isabelle Mayereau - On a Trouvé [Waffles Gaufre Edit] / Harks & Mudd - Susta / The Off-Key Hat - Emergency Calling / Asha Puthli - Space Talk / The Spins - The Valley of Temples / W.A.T. - Art Lovers / Syracuse - Lovventura / Massimo Barsotti - Right or Wrong / Spanish Crash - Life Is Now / French Revolution - Alien Too (Fallin') [12" Mix] / Pender Street Steppers - Our Time / Aragon - Polaris / Mildlife - Phase II [Part 1] / Matthew Wilder - I Don't Speak the …

Disco Frisco Guest Mix
Disco Frisco Guest Mix (1:39:26)
Georges Vert - Freak D'Espace / Chrome Brulée - Autopower / Akis - Into the Light [Tolouse Low Trax Remix] / DJ SCM - Balla Super (Con Me) / Dario Dell'Aere - Eagles in the Night / Mirage - Woman [Instrumental Slow] / Bagarre - No Toys / [Physics] - Soft Reset / John Gibbs with the Jam Band - J'Ouvert [Amplified Edit] / Sky Tony - Loving You / Mount Liberation Unlimited - Climb Me Up [Dance Dubb Mix] / Ghost Vision - Shakuhachi / Pender Street Steppers - Falling / Kano - Another Life / Bottin - Hot Lizard / Daniel Wang - To Hold You Again / Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - Too Much Information [Laolu Remix Edit] / Mim Suleiman - Ama Kweli

Groove Inside
Groove Inside (0:56:11)
Jimi Tenor - Xinotepe Heat / Joachim Witt - So Tight / Dorian Gray - Tko Si Ti / Style Council - The Lodgers [Club Mix] / Paul Hardcastle - Better / Whodamanny - Dance to the Bone / Ourra - She Got It / RAH Band - Float / Escape from New York - Save Our Love [Instrumental] / Bill Nelson - Because of You [Nailed to the Dub Version] / Kaja - Turn Your Back on Me [Dub Mix] / Koop - Glömd är skogens gud [Lasse Berghagen 50 år-version] / Zodyaco - Libra Position [Reprise]

Balearic Banana Guest Mix
Balearic Banana Guest Mix (1:07:34)
Adjagas - Mun Ja Mun [Instrumental] / Colorama - Hapus? / UB40 - Mek Ya Rok [Dub Mix] / Unusual & Electric - St John Street Dub #1 / Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Never Turn Away [Extended] / Coyote - Hero's Journey / Bo Hansson - The Escape / Eva Geist - Begüm / The Company - La Culebra [Part 2] / Monica Törnell - Släpp mig fri / Minami Deutsch - Can't Get There [Jamie Paton Remix] / Dive - Captain Nemo / Jurriaan Andriessen - Overtones / Beyond the Veil / Jack Bruce - Make Love [Part II]

DJ Zyron Live on ISFM 2020-02-01
DJ Zyron Live on ISFM 2020-02-01 (6:16:05)
Keller Crackers, Okovi, The Word, Berndsen, Cantillate, Philip Brophy, Ensemble Pittoresque, Junior Byron, Sizike, Gazebo, Feeders, Blow Monkeys, P.L., Model 500, Godley & Creme, Mikki, Shannon, Few Boys, Joakim Cosmo, Enrico Serotti, Musk Men, Maryn E. Coote, El Deux, Queen, Ministry, Ladies Choice, Seona Dancing, Tryphème, Videosex, Optimo, Set the Tone, Space Pilots, DAF, B-Movie, Black Marble, Judas Priest, Amin-Peck, Matia Bazar, Poolside, Phil Manzanera and more...

Zyron Live in the Mix 2019-11-22
Zyron Live in the Mix 2019-11-22 (3:39:32)
Land of Light, Andrei Orlov, Tina Turner, Mubare, Elevation, A Split Second, Thomas Leer, China Crisis, Hatchback, Apollo Heights, Talk Talk, Ben E. King, Andromeda, Endgames, Loose Ends, Fresh Band, Rosie Vela, Chapter & the Verse, Laid Back, Jimmy G. & the Tackheads, 52nd Street, Dazz Band, Patrick Cowley, Paul Hardcastle, Albert One, Curare, OMD, Andy Nelson, Georges Vert, Strada, Neud Photo, Mikki, Icehouse and more...

Zyron Live in the Mix 2019-11-08
Zyron Live in the Mix 2019-11-08 (5:39:39)
Komodo Kolektif, Fontän, Love-Songs, Kapitan, Nef, Discoverer, Lix, EP-4, Roter Rot, Munir, P'cock, Space Garage, Berndsen, Sladjana & Neutral Design, Mushrooms Project, [Physics], Lowfish, Jakuzi, William Orbit, Yasuko Agawa, Saâda Bonaire, Weyman Avenue, Positive Force, Altin Gün, Joe Bataan, Jussi Halme, Friend of Mine, Das Komplex, Paresse, Hugo Gerani, Beat Broker, Stephanie, Style Council, Zdenka Kovacicek, Colored Music, Mr. Flagio, Bottin, Tornado Wallace, Office Gossip, Mudd & Pollard, Kleerup, Mr. & Mrs. Dale, Stephane Sévérac, Flayer, Pinkunoizu, Traffic, Roxy Music, Sordid Sound System and more...

DJ Zyron Live on ISFM 2019-10-25
DJ Zyron Live on ISFM 2019-10-25 (4:56:09)
The Chap, Joxaren, T99, Victoria Wilson-James, Martine Girault, Quest for Life, Zru Vogue, Czeslaw Niemen, Shakti, Al Lover, Max Berlin's, Rene & Angela, Alexandra, Paris Bizarre, Paresse, Revolving Eyes, Dollkraut, Cowley & Socarras, Curses, Decadance, Grace Jones, Jimmy Beat Orchestra, Shriekback, Wang Chung, Princess, I Level, Plastic Mode, Meo, John Waynes, Big Ben Tribe, Esnard Boisdur, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Georges Vert, The Surgon, Nemesy, Acid Horse, Älgarnas Trädgård, Kate Bush, Kombi, Herbie Hancock, Detektivbyrån, Staffan Westerberg & Thomas Wiehe and more...