Pub Vattentornet, Norrköping 2010

Just me playing some far out stuff in a far out manner. >>>

Me playing random records spontaneously now and then during two wonderful weeks in April. I recorded several of these, in different styles, that I've uploaded during the past days. This is the last of them and it turned into a real beast, nearly seven hours long! I was seriously all over the place with this one; house, electro, italo, disco, synth-pop, freestyle, boogie, new beat, and on fire - I just didn't know how to stop playing. I hope you will enjoy listening, and maybe dancing, to it just as much as I did when recording it. aka Private Dance Party #3 >>>

Me playing random records spontaneously now and then during two wonderful weeks in April. I recorded several of these, in different styles, and plan to upload more of them. This started planlessly with some techno/house/electro before I went kind of astray and began rummaging my collection of '80s maxi-singles with synthalodisco-nrg and EBM for a while until it exploded in a huge cloud of Acid and Skacid. Chaotic but funny one! Aka Private Dance Party #2 >>>

Me playing random records spontaneously now and then during two wonderful weeks in April. I recorded several of these, in different styles, and plan to upload more of them. Here I was frenetically digging around in the house'ish old sections of my collection, causing quite a mess in several ways. Aka Private Dance Party #1 >>>

Me playing random records spontaneously now and then during two wonderful weeks in April. I recorded several of these, in different styles, and plan to upload more of them. This is a slow one, mixed mostly based on key and atmosphere. >>>

Something made me dig out all my records with The Residents & Renaldo & the Loaf & Snakefinger.

They are supposed to be listened to as an album at a time,
but I messed it all up instead.
Planlessly, so I don't even have a tracklist.

Maybe it can serve as an introduction to those not familiar with them? >>>

I thought it was about time for you all to move around with me for a while again, so here's number five in the series - to make you move and groove. Mixed from my vinyl records, as usual, in one spontaneous and mostly unprepared take. Enjoy! >>>

I need limitations to work within, and be restricted by, in one way or another, otherwise I easily get stuck and uncreative. So after well over a year of no mixes I suddenly got the idea of making an alternative version of an old mix, using the same records, played in the same order, but with different tracks from them. Finding all the records took quite some time of digging through my collection, but considering how interesting it turned out (I think) and the enjoyment I got out of doing this (I think) it was totally worth it (I think). This will probably not be my last endeavour in these realms (I think). I hope you will enjoy it too! >>>

I found another old mixtape, this one's from 1992... >>>

I found some old mixtapes... >>>

I found an old techno'ish mixtape from 1991... >>>

I found an old techno'ish mixtape from 1991... >>>

I found some old mixtapes... >>>

I found some old mixtapes... >>>

I uploaded some old mixtapes... >>>

I have finally released this album that I've been working on and off with since 1998. All Swedish lyrics.
Utan Personlig Ansvarighet, Utan Närmare Specifikation.
Written, produced and performed by Johan Åstrand.

You can listen to it on Bancamp. Eventually it will appear on the major streaming services as well, in about a week or so.

Earlier this week I suddenly got that urge of making a new mix and put some of my mess of records in order. I just have to wash my hands first, I thought - since I'm careful with my records and don't want to put fingerprints on them, and I feel I mix better with clean hands. There, by the sink in the bathroom, I somehow managed to do a strange move and my back snapped. It feels like a razor blade in your spine. And also in your mind, when you had a plan to do something. From one second to the other you can't do anything. Usually this means I can barely move and not walk for at least a week; stuck in bed, and this was a close one. But it turned out on the better side. Pain and hard to walk, but not totally disabled. Now, a couple of days later, I felt I really wanted to record that new mix I was thinking about. But since I've not yet fully recovered I decided to leave everything open and not focus on beat-mixing at all, so I recorded this instead. >>>

Stuff in the 80-100 BPM region that I've piled up, moved around, and added to for quite some time now. Today I decided to give the selection a try, and I think I nailed it quite well, though they were all in the wrong order to begin with - so a lot of more messing around while recording. Those of you familiar with recording mixes know what I mean; with the next record in pitch and cued up you suddenly go for something else and just manage to make it before the track ends. Lots of that in this one, but it's always worth it. So if you're sometimes not sure what's happening, don't be alarmed! Neither was I. It just worked out. Now chill & space out to this selection, or move around slowly. Peace & Love & Glow! >>>

I dug out a bunch of records quite randomly again, just to see what I could do with them. This time mostly beatmixed though a bit off at times, but mostly acceptable I think. On and off you can dance frenetically to it and later mellow out, cuddle and ponder if it really happened. Or was it just a phase of a passage in time, and space? >>>

A sudden urge to play records. No plan, nothing prepared. Pitch was used mainly for key, not for beat matching. Records were picked from here & there as I went along. So, not as laid back as it might sound. Lots of lucky guesses & probably lost opportunities as well, since my records are in a mess & I just picked what was nearby. But that was also the point; what happens if I just record when I planlessly dig around. Well, this is the answer. Maybe I'll do more mixes like this in the future, since I have so much to dig around in. It's nice not to give a damn about beatmixing sometimes. It opens up for completely different things. I usually do a bit of both, but here I let something else decide completely. >>>

Move Around four means more four on the floor for you to listen and dance to. It's house, or thereabout. Vinyl only and in one unprepared spontaneous take, as usual. I hope it will make you move your body and get down to the groove. >>>

Now I bring you number 9 of my Music 4 Hours mixes. I have a huge backlog of selections sitting around, so I decided to get busy.
My M4H selections aren't done based on what mixes best with what, or what would fill a dancefloor or not. There's not much thought or logic behind it, more emotions and a feeling about the music, variety and what I want to play at the moment. I usually prefer to play the complete tracks, either in key or tempo with the next one, so the mixing is just a bonus. I hope you will enjoy this one! >>>

Anywave [one]; a part of a bigger selection of new wave, post-punk, synthwave, industrial, ndw, goth rock and such that had been sitting in a crate for months. It turned out to be a difficult selection to pull off so I decided to spread it over two or three separate mixes instead of a long one. Vinyl only and only one take, like always. Nothing is perfect. Enjoy the darkness! >>>

The long overdue Music 4 Hours #8 is finally here!
This selection had been sitting in a crate for many months waiting for me to deal with it, nagging me about it on a daily basis. But lack of motivation and energy in a body of pain had me in a grip of reluctance, until last night's insomnia when I decided to give it a try. So I hit record, and this is what came out of it. I think it turned out ok enough, and hope you'll enjoy it. >>>

About two weeks ago I removed every single trace of Facebook from my website since their shit is so broken, all the likes were gone and many of the comments as well so better just scrap it all, FB feels completely outdated anyway and my site loads so much faster now.

I recorded a new Someone's Imagination song called Manifest. Have a listen here

I had another chaotic mix session of post-punk-industrial-dark-new-synth-wave-ebm-electro-clash meant to dance and move around to in a dark place packed with sweating strangers going wild high on everything while the music takes it up an extra notch or two. Recorded using strictly vinyl in my empty apartment, far from the situation I imagined playing it in. But I hope you will enjoy the tracks anyway. Pumping up the volume and dance around in your living room is ok to do too, even if it's nowhere near a real experience. But I hope you can bring this mix into your own reality and place it where it belongs, and enjoy my effort despite some weak transitions. Thanks for listening, and please share it with others if it moves you. >>>

Here we go again; house, techno, synthwave, electro, acid, italo, new wave, post-punk-dance, or something like that, to move around to. All wrapped-up in a confused mess; what just happened?
You tell me. But I hope you'll enjoy the trip, and share it with others! >>>

Suddenly I wanted to do something a bit more dancey, and just started recording. Completely unplanned, so I had to move around a lot trying to find what record to play next.

Around 120 BPM of house, acid, electro, nu-disco, spacesynth, italo & new wave; both soft and hard, dark and light. But with a steady beat to move around to.

I know mixes might be boring, but when placed in the middle of nowhere with no chance to get out and play, you're nobody. So put this on loud, and imagine being in a club, or at a festival, and tell me honestly if it wouldn't work.

Though it doesn't matter, read less of what I write and listen and dance to the mix instead. It's much better. Time is short, so enjoy yourselves.

But remember I can always be booked, even if I have to travel far, if you think it's worth it. I'm still waiting... >>>

More tension and frustration from me. Here captured, and sometimes hidden, within two hours of twisted electronic slow-mo beats and dubby organic madness; with a stunning sunset to look at while listening, to make it slightly less haunting.
Music by various artists and original photo by Jelena. Everything totally messed up by me, as usual.

If you enjoy what I do, and want to keep me motivated, please consider sharing my mixes with others, in every possible way. >>>

After my recent upload of an unfinished older mix, which got quite good response, I felt like recording something new, and it became a second round of mainly '80s tracks dealing with both difficult and wonderful things, so I decided to call it part 2 of The Dance of Frustration. Not saying there will be another one, not saying there won't. Not saying anything at all. I'll let the music speak. But I think I did a bit better technically this time, while keeping several, contradictory themes together. Ups'n'downs, lows'n'highs, caused by loss and longing, love and loneliness. There's always a theme, a thread, or several; maybe hidden, or obvious? I don't know, I don't decide. Once it finds me, I just do it. I hope you can feel it too; the dance, and the frustration. Just take it, do it, live it, before you die. >>>

Recorded and unfinished in August 2021, during one of many difficult periods. I stopped recording after about an hour because I felt it started to become too chaotic, and it made me feel exhausted. Put on hold since then, and nearly forgotten, after re-visiting it today I decided to unfold it in all its honest imperfection. And also because it's been way too long since I uploaded something "new", so I hope you will enjoy it. >>>

All my 0x51d pL4n374ry releases are now available on Spotify. You can find them on

The odd one-person duo(!) which is 0x51d pL4n374ry & Someone's Imagination takes you on yet another deep unquantized hypnotic journey, where you have to take it all in and let it all go. Don't deny, don't waste time on that: but dance, if you wish.
Check it out on Bandcamp. >>>

0x51d pL4n374ry w/ Someone's Imagination:
pl4n374ry + imagination - Repeats

Hauntingly pumping revelation,
from the dystopian outskirts

With no known beginning
or end,
perception can change
each time it repeats

There's nothing,
to understand
playing the game,
this place;

It's also possible
to choose to dance
and travel within,
I believe

Check it out on Bandcamp. >>>

Surprise! Here's already Music 4 Hours #7. More uptempo and dancey than the last one, and quite chaotic at times; some records are really reluctant to blend in nicely. ;)

Often when I mix I enter some kind of dream-state where I'm not really sure what I'm doing, where the different sounds come from, which records I pick, or how to stop my curiosity about what will happen if the transition between two records goes on for a (too) long time; what will happen if I step back? It always turns into an experiment; in harmonies, frequencies, tempo, and styles. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't, but I don't enjoy to play it safe or stay too long in the same genre.

This time I played records from Eno-Roedelius-Moebius, Robyn, Linear Movement, Victor Ark, Benoit & Sergio, Andy Romano, Kleerup, Xander Harris, Hypnotique, Makina Girgir, Trentemøller, Signal Aout 42, Naum Gabo, 4 for Money, Grace Jones, Slyck, Ultra Satan, Talking Drums, Jimi Goodwin, Mildlife, The Androids, A Certain Ratio, Goldfrapp, AKSK, Sally Shapiro, Filur, Admas, Knut Skodvin, Panta Rhei, Telex, Nordub, Woima Collective, Brigitte Bardot, Laughing Eye and more...

The complete tracklist will as usual be posted in my Facebook group

I hope you will enjoy the selection! >>>

Time for a new mix, here's Music 4 Hours #6. Vinyl only and recorded in one take, with tracks from Double Geography, Shy Layers, Antoine Kogut, Black Devil, Anadol, Liquid Canoe, YMDF, Sacha Mambo, Broken Glass, Mildlife, Black Disco, Queen Martin, Laima, Aleceo, Causa, Daniele Baldelli, Louiselle, Michoacan, February Montaine, Chiemi Manabe, Errortica, Computa Games, Mandrill, Afrodesia, Chiara, Andy Romano, Sensitive, Siviyex, Flamingo Pier, Alien Alien, Mountaineer, The Residents and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's finally a brand new mix from me. This time with some groovy downtempo this & that to dance and dream away to. Italo Disco Boogie Soul Electro Funk... >>>

I released a new Someone's Imagination 4-track EP called "Shine Together". You can check it out here, and please make a purchase if you like it.
Words, scribbled endlessly on walls, repeated like mantras within the mind; creating vivid, hollow sounds of emptiness, while longing to shine together.

New 0x51d pL4n374ry album released, quite different to the previous one. Leaning towards trance/techno and much more uptempo. A mental trip, a journey within; to and from known and unknown places, old and new, dreams and emotions, order and chaos, meaning and purpose, and time floating endlessly meanwhile. Available on Bandcamp

New mix. Soft, around 100 BPM. Love & absence, ups & downs, joy & pain, life & death, in a mix, off vinyl. >>>

Here's Music 4 Hours #5. As usual it contains a bunch of records that I felt like playing, old and new, and a wide spectrum of genres, roughly put in some kind of order and then I took it from there, adjusting, removing or adding some along the way. 100% vinyl and recorded in one take. I didn't manage to get to the more uptempo stuff within the four hours, so I'm saving those for #6.

This time I played music from SFF, Johan Timman, Sladjana, Green Baize, Cosa Rosa, Präsidium, Echo Romeo, Liquid Mask, Cruisin' Gang, Nemanja, Tomoko Aran, Pye Corner Audio, Isabelle Adjani, Blue for Two, Individual Industry, Austra & Gina X, U ?kripcu, Esavù, Sisters of Mercy, Fatma, Hove, Asa Moto, Sandy Marton, Black Gold, Creatures, Fotoplastikon, Jones Girls, Masami Tsuchiya, Loggerheads, Gabi Delgado, Slam, Chris Brann, Rajan James, Xena, Mike & Brenda Sutton, Kryptonite, Denis & Denis, Pineapples, Brand Image, Barry White, White Noise and more... Enjoy! >>>

RTE-009 from RetouchEdit has been released, and here you will find some space-rock disco, cosmic electro-funk, oriental synth-dance and wrongspeed dub-wave.
Available from Bandcamp and Juno Download!

After being struck by the sad news of Florian Schneider's Tour de Heaven I dug out my Kraftwerk records and recorded a completely unprepared three hours long mix as a token of my appreciation.

Thank you for once creating the new future for music, and the music of the future, Florian. Kraftwerk's influence on me, and many others, can never be overstated. He will be missed.

My thoughts go out to his family and everyone who knew him personally. It's a sad loss. Yet another pioneer has left us.

Rest in Piece on your bike. >>>

Here's a guest mix I made for the Isolation Station. Enjoy! >>>

I made a guest mix for Disco Frisco. >>>

I made a guest mix for the Quarantine Radio Show at Graffiti Kings. >>>

I made a guest mix for Balearic Banana. >>>

Here's my latest stream, 77 tracks in six hours! Enjoy this journey, and spread it around! Including tracks from Keller Crackers, Okovi, The Word, Berndsen, Cantillate, Philip Brophy, Ensemble Pittoresque, Junior Byron, Sizike, Gazebo, Feeders, Blow Monkeys, P.L., Model 500, Godley & Creme, Mikki, Shannon, Few Boys, Joakim Cosmo, Enrico Serotti, Musk Men, Maryn E. Coote, El Deux, Queen, Ministry, Ladies Choice, Seona Dancing, Tryphème, Videosex, Optimo, Set the Tone, Space Pilots, DAF, B-Movie, Black Marble, Judas Priest, Amin-Peck, Matia Bazar, Poolside, Phil Manzanera and much more! >>>

We kick off 2020 with RTE-008 from RetouchEdit and some balearic new wave dance synth rock. Available from Bandcamp and Juno Download!

I want to release my latest 0x51d pL4n374ry album as a double LP on clear vinyl, and I need 100 backers to help me crowdfund it.

You can listen to full audio clips on and if you like it you can place an order there to help me reach the goal.

Once 100 copies have been pre-ordered, it will get pressed.

If you're not interested in a vinyl release, but still want to support me, you can buy the digital release on

You can also join, and invite others, to the Facebook event.

Please help me make this possible. Thanks for your support!

RTE-007 from RetouchEdit is released, with some new disco dub funk wave cut'n'paste work from me. Available on Bandcamp and Juno Download!

I compiled a new 0x51d pL4n374ry album called Tracks Attracted, you can find it on Bandcamp. >>>

This stream was supposed to go on much longer but Facebook kept sending notifications of matching content where I had to click resume to continue the stream, and they would also suddenly abort the stream so I had to start a new one. All this stressed me which made me lose focus and mess up mixes, so I decided to end it 2-3 hours earlier than planned because my mood got ruined. A bit sad since I had so much more good tracks to play, and now it doesn't even have a proper ending. But I decided to upload it anyway since the video got blocked on YouTube as well. I hope you will enjoy it despite some weak spots. >>>

My latest stream, almost six hours long. This time I streamed to YouTube and Facebook, which was a big mess. FB kept shutting it down, but at least YT have a complete recording of it which you can look up if you don't feel you get enough by just listening to this recording. :) >>>

Nearly five hours of music, mixed from vinyl and streamed live on Interstate FM. Enjoy! >>>

This was my first stream in a very long time, completely spontaneous and vinyl only. Mixing is a bit off at times but I hope you'll enjoy the random selection. You can show your support by helping me fund this release if you'd like a copy: Cheers! >>>

Some tracks that I unfortunately didn't get to play at Datastorm. Back home, unpacking, I decided to mix them up, and into the cloud in a big mess, before sorting them back in a different order; some records have many sweet spots in the collection - like they are family. >>>

This year I returned to the Datastorm party to play some records and spread the cosmic vibes again. I did two sessions, which I've finally added to my mixpage. Audio recorded by SceneSat. Photos by Pad/ and 4champ. >>>

Here's a possible opportunity to get my tracks Teleported and Maintained on a properly mastered 10" vinyl record. Please help me fund this project, if it's a success I will release more records this way.
More info and pre-order on Qrates.

Now you can listen to my streams & mixes on Spotify.

I recorded a new Someone's Imagination song called Remain, you can find it here.

For all my productions, be it streams, mixes or music, I've always used my own photos as artwork. Now I've added some of them to DeviantArt and Society6 where it's possible to order printouts of different types and sizes to hang on your wall f ex.

Dance, smile, get into it, find balance, be happy, enjoy life, stay around, feel, believe, be, be, be. >>>

Mixed a bit of this & that, new & old, in place & time. Always vinyl & vinyl only. >>>

Music 4 Hours #4 is here, with tracks from Ghost Vision, Epsilove + Eva Geist, Al Kassian, Throbbing Gristle, Consequential, Quiroga, Dusty Baron, L'Impératrice, Altin Gün, Azymuth, Dhaima, He Said, Phil Manzanera, Damon Edge, Aswefall, Boytronic, Boy Harsher, Róisín Murphy, Rolf Trostel, Stratis, Suzanne Ciani, Vicious Pink, Roxy Music, Indochine, Psychic TV, Mr. White, Kord, Ishi Vu, Easy Going, Solaris Heights, Spencer Jones, Cela, Tim Paris & Sex Judas, Random Factor, Frak, Latecomer, The Pattern Forms, Saine and many more. I hope you'll enjoy it, and please share! >>>

RTE-006 from RetouchEdit is out, dubbed wave soft rock wrong-speed disco cosmic pop for your ears. Available on Bandcamp and Juno Download!

Funnen Mull EP, a new release from RetouchEdit is now available on Bandcamp and Juno Download!

It's fascinating how, sometimes, if you slow things down, it gets even more enticing, driving, captivating and interesting. 33 is the new 45. >>>

Did a late night totally spontaneous live stream on Interstate FM playing some random records. Everyone missed it, but now you can listen back and download here. Enjoy! >>>

I recorded a new Someone's Imagination song called "For Life", you can find it on Bandcamp.

I felt it was due time for another Music 4 Hours so I recorded this with some nice music from Zenit, Anna Domino, Luca Musto, The Kloom, DAF, Startled Insects, Super Paolo, Lil' Louis & the World, Oro, Céline Gillain, Michal Turtle, UB40, Judie Tzuke, Imagination, Pieces of a Dream, Ourra, Grace Jones, Adam Chini, Peaking Lights, Populette, Ponty Mython, Escort, Umo Vogue, Osynlige Mann, Demis Roussos, Sky Tony, Z-Moor-Z, Raw, Red Axes, Asa Moto, Miko & Mubare, Jimi Jules, Michelle Gurevich and more. I hope you'll enjoy, and please share it! >>>

Here's the second mix in my new mix series replacing my live shows. This time with tracks from Robert Schröder, Tim "Love" Lee, Majesticons, AIR, Der Kundalini, Kiani & His Legion, Pàscal, CUBS, Elisa Waut, Zru Vogue, Bop & 291out, Rickard Jäverling, Take Three, Woolfy vs. Projections, Xique-Xique, Jesse, Rheingold, Mono Band, Gaznevada, Junior Byron, Comsat Angels, David Keaton, Shahara-Ja, Unit One, Neu!, A'mbar, Abaddon, Bandjo, Max Vincent, Hooverphonic, Gabi Delgado and many more. I hope you'll enjoy & spread it around! >>>

Here's the first mix in my new mix series which will be replacing my live shows. Not much will change, except that I can record under less hectic circumstances. This time I'm bringing you music from Peter Power & Psilosamples, Farbror Resande Mac, Solid Space, Yasuaki Shimizu, Nicola Cruz, Studio 22, Ved, Falcons, Virna Lindt, Oceanvs Orientalis, Saine, Stats, INXS, Frak, Diva, Manu Dibango, Stump Valley, Zwicker, Pardon Moi, Agar Agar, Harvey Sutherland, Love Over Entropy, Moscoman, Beloved, Polygamy Boys, La Düsseldorf, Psychic TV, Boy Harsher, Ingleton Falls, Socrates and many more. I hope you'll enjoy it and spread it around! >>>

My latest live stream, with Jasper Van't Hof, Data, Kraftwerk, Die Orangen, S'Express, Dub Oven, Moscoman, Suzanne Kraft, Go Music, Five O'Clock Traffic, Job Sifre, Dane//close, G-Machine, Tappa Zukie, Burnin Beat, Bruxas, Caliban, Androo, Nu Guinea, Beesmunt Soundsystem, Tensnake, Headman, A Certain Frank, San Giovanni Bassista, Boy Harsher, U-Ka, Body Party, Gatekeeper, Orestt, Innergaze, Marina & the Diamonds and more... >>>

Last night's stream is an almost six hours long journey with tracks from Patrick O'Hearn, Morgan Geist, Depeche Mode, Sphynx, Instant Funk, Eva Hurychová, Nine Inch Nails, Khidja, Last Waltz, Bo Kaspers Orkester, Tatsuro Yamashita, Group NSI, Sandy Samuel, Rolling Stones, Biba, Mandy, Ved, Tri Atma, Jarre, Chromatics, L'Impératrice, Kebekelektrik, Jex Opolis, Air Frog, Schaltkreis Wassermann, Video Liszt, Sidwho?, Oppenheimer Analysis, Boy Harsher, Crooked Man, Persia, Supermax, Mulatu Astatke, Spike, Wawawiwas, Meco and more... Enjoy! >>>

Last night's live stream including Holger Czukay, Uku Kuut, Ultra Satan, Can, Daniel Savio, The Grid, Ginger Baker, Adrian Gurvitz, Raymond Castoldi, Ziad Rahbani, Black Merlin, Daniel Avery, Meo, Yellow Beach Balls, King Sporty, Vance & Suzzanne, Vadim Khrapachev, Holm CPU, Kemback, Esa, Ishi Vu, Chris Rea, Tentakel, Amin-Peck, Patrizia Pellegrino, Nexus, Goldfrapp, Ghostwriters, Rolling Stones, Fontän, Paper, Transfigure, The Bees and more... Enjoy! >>>

My live stream from last night, with Asha Puthli, Future Sound of Antwerp, Illés, Riot, Fontän, Charlotte Adigéry, Miha Kralj, Nhessingtons, Nu Guinea, Dolby's Cube, Fats Comet, Asa Moto, Bruxas, Tornado Wallace, Senyaka, Alla Pugacheva, Patrice Rushen, Thompson Twins, Bogdan Irkük, La Bionda, Guy Cuevas, Mr. Fingers, Todd Terje, Daniel Savio, Jack Pattern, Swayzak, Montefiori Cocktail, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Al Lover, Alessandro Alessandroni and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's my stream from last night, it's yet another over five hours long trip with tracks from Farbror Resande Mac, Khidja, Sizike, Maricopa, Vidderna, Marti Caine, Main Stem, Vactrol Park, Tim Paris, Golden Bug, Chrome Brulée, Oskarova Fobija, Paresse, Abel, Carlos Cutaia, Kreidler, Fancy, TCP, Lord Echo, Red Axes, Yan Wagner, Nu Guinea, Dream 2 Science, Heinrich Dressel, Olefonken, Body Party, Hot Sporran, Susana Estrada, VC-People, Dido, Tom Ace, Syracuse, Gryningen, Witch, Ryo Kawasaki, Goldfrapp, Ragz Nordset and more... Enjoy! >>>

My latest stream, almost six hours long and including music by Ralph Lundsten, Peter Brown, Lix, Sister Sledge, Toto, Eugene Tambourine, Alek Lee, Alessandro Alessandroni, Independence, Gino Pavan, G-Machine, Sade, Sordid Sound System, Mori Ra, Al Dobson Jr, Footprintz, Stig Wollek, Eugene, Doctor's Cat, Ruth, Innergaze, A Split Second, Bal5000, Steve Monite, Tomorrow's People, Niagara, Company B, Eleven Pond, Latecomer, Debbie Harry, Phaeax, Shamrocks, Farbror Resande Mac, Björn J:son Lindh, Li Garattoni, Ghostwriters, Giorgio, John Martyn, Little Dragon, AIR and more... Enjoy! >>>

My latest live stream is another 5.5 hours long trip including Kenny Håkansson, Hawkwind, Pekkanini, Monsoon, Prince Jazzbo, Tross, Parlour, Claus Fovea, Saâda Bonaire, Philippe Chany, Dr. Hook, Chakk, Daniel Savio, MCP, Commodores, Mandrill, Vox Low, Eirwud Mudwasser, Gina Calabrese, Laza Ristovski, Tina Spike, Rinder & Lewis, Disconnection, André & Leslie, Shay Jones, Candy Flip, Dan Lissvik, Esperanto, Fontän, Paul Engemann, Beranek, Culture Club, Real Thing, Software and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's my Interstate FM live stream from last night, including Yellow Magic Orchestra, ZYX, Isley Brothers, Pistol Disco, Cage & Aviary, Bronze Savage, Jamie Paton, Strange Culture, Rune Lindbæk, Spacerocks, Tina Turner, Barrabas, Secret Circuit, Frak, Electribe 101, BWH, Madonna, Coldcut, Stereo, DJ Kaos, Brassica, Stanley Clarke, Novecento, Captain Torkive, A-1, Sally Oldfield, Joakim Cosmo, Exorcist GBG, Goto80, Startled Insects, Furniture, Krater, Country Hams, Synergy, Frank Duval and more... Enjoy! >>>

Last night's stream turned into an almost six hours long trip, including music from Invisible Conga People, Sandii & the Sunsetz, Venus Gang, Lup Ino, Shamall, Anna Dobiey, Supersempfft, Kleeer, Vera, Blondie, Psychic Mirrors, Osmonds, Can, Serge Ponsar, Bandolero, Alex Valentini, Network, Starflight, Yula Kasp, Robert Palmer, Bagarre, Neville Brothers, Tribute, Depeche Mode, FSOL, Björk, Tantra, Persia, Kroma, Droids, Nick Mason, Supermax, Sky, Joe Jackson, Trans-X, Buggles, Dodo, Cécilia Angeles, Ralph Lundsten, Michelle Gurevich and more... Enjoy! >>>

My live stream from last night, with music from Mori Ra, Pye Corner Audio, Prince, Paul Atreides, Reeds, David Bowie, Pitch, Michalis Rakintzis, Chakk, Nu Guinea, Faze Action, Paul Rein, Oliver Onions, Kathy Diamond, Ichisan, Digitron, Wham!, New Paradise, Dirk Blanchart, Sascha Funke, Sho-Nuff, Workdub, Space Art, Moti Special, Fox the Fox, John J. Olson, Dancer, Joe Machine, Units, Mike Cannon, Ka-Zan, Presence, Haruomi Hosono, Divine, Dead or Alive, Claudja Barry, Kraftwerk, Joakim Skogsberg, Lena Platonos, Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's a mix I made recently especially for the nice guys at Wildlife Records. Hope you'll enjoy it! >>>

I made this mix for Eclectics a couple of weeks ago. It's quite cosmic and far out. Enjoy! >>>

Last night's live stream including Zeus, Mariah, Ryo Kawasaki, Capuano, Joan Bibiloni, Lena Platonos, The Pool, Philippe Chany, Zwischenfall, Loredana Berté, Meo, Blancmange, Shiro Schwarz, Rondo Veneziano, Ian Dury, Urbaniax, Poets of the Machine, Rhythm Odyssey, Phuture, Benedikt Frey, Sparks, Roberto De Simone, Chris & Cosey, Francis Juno, Garonneman, Pilotes, Daft Punk, Lucio Battisti, Esperanto and more... Enjoy! >>>

My live stream from last night, including tracks from Boom Clap Bachelors, Richard Gateaux, W.A.T, Paqua, Joan Bibiloni, Dario Dell'Aere, Prins Emanuel, Khidja, Ilya Santana, Luisa Fernandez, Shina Williams, The System, Daniel Savio, Björk, Five o'clock Traffic, Dirtytwo, 8FatFat8, Thomas Leer, Emmanuelle, Payfone, Al Zanders, Daniel Wang, Clarian, Syracuse, Michal Turtle, Luke Eargoggle, BearEssense, Bandjo, Temptations, Depeche Mode and more... Enjoy! >>>

My latest Interstate FM live stream includes tracks from The Creatures, Chris & Cosey, Cem G, Kreidler, Cliff Richard, Frederic Mercier, Ahmed Fakroun, Dodo, Ruins, Tappa Zukie, Saâda Bonaire, ZYX, Azra, Jazzy Dee, Konk, Tantra, Jex Opolis, Twice a Man, Rinder & Lewis, Robert Fripp, Joachim Witt, Mathew Jonson, Kraftwerk, DMX Krew, The Cure, Frank Tovey, Snakefinger, Olefonken, Space Art, Bejjer, Air, Pictures, Sten Hanson and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's last night's stream with music from Barry Reynolds, Roger Rönning, Dusty Springfield, Red Axes, Gary Davis, Mim Suleiman, Blow Monkeys, Freestyle, Justine & the Victorian Punks, TCP, Dexter Wansel, Silver Boy, Spandau Ballet, Neo Filigrante, Yula Kasp, Dollkraut, Dead or Alive, 49ers, J.B.'s, Franek Kimono, Artefact, Pink Skull, Isaac Hayes, Deux, Nasa, Tri Atma, AIR, Shriekback, Merit Hemmingson, Radiohead and more... Enjoy! >>>

My latest live stream includes tracks from Kool & the Gang, Rhythm Heritage, Anna Domino, Belle Stars, Dag Vag, Off-Key Hat, Simple Minds, Brian Briggs, Moody Blues, Poolside, Studio, Erasure, West India Company, Big Ben Tribe, War, Magnus Uggla, Mondo Rock, Logic System, Bagarre, Bjørn Torske, AN-2, Beloved, Ragnar Grippe, Perfect Zebras, Kano, Première Classe, Bernard Fèvre, Mandré, Kashif, Roberta Flack, Phil Manzanera, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and more... Enjoy! >>>

I've uploaded my latest live stream. It's almost six hours long and involves music from Blludd Relations, Jex Opolis, Vidderna, Benedikt Frey, Mori Ra, Turzi, Prince, Chrome Brulée, Stevie Wonder, Jungle, BAR, Revolving Eyes, Jascha Hagen, Tomas Ledin, Camille, Miro, Brassica, Paresse, D.K., Khidja, Trickski, Prince, Nico Motte, Jack J, Dogs of War, Dollkraut, Frak, Dream 2 Science, Ethno Techno, Tim Paris, Prince, Albion, Cosmic Kids, Lena Platonos, Black Devil, Material, Prince, Syracuse, Bananarama, Ossler, Prince and more... >>>

The third RetouchEdit release out now. Available on Juno Download and Bandcamp.
Four edits of disco-not-disco, new wave, post-punk grooves for your pleasure. Share & enjoy, thanks! >>>

Last night's live stream, six hours long with tracks from Branislav Zivkovic, Spotnicks, Antena, Rupert Hine, Gudrun Gut, Fernando, Toto, Fredin Comp, Azymuth, Joxaren, Space Art, Eurythmics, Mikael Rickfors, Leon Haywood, Pedestrians, Bogdan Irkük, Heaven 17, The Knife, Yan Wagner, Herb Alpert, Mick Fleetwood, Change, Baby Oliver, United Space, Iko, Contici, Mikael Ramel, Tim Blake, Cantoma, Free Style, Noice, Ulf Dageby and more, is now available on my mixpage. Enjoy! >>>

If you want to get notified about my uploaded streams in the future, subscribe to my podcast feed.

Here's my latest live stream with tracks from Kraftwerk, Cestrian, Tangerine Dream, John Holm, Elton John, Naná Vasconcelos, Chilled by Nature, Nico Motte, Reggie Watts, Schaltkreis Wassermann, Mirdza Zivere, Frak, Shoc Corridor, Koto, Dr. C. Stein, D.K., Daniel Wang, Propaganda, Ranko, Patrick Cowley, Roland Rat Superstar, Prins Thomas, Junto Club, Sugababes, Arpadys, Fashion, Zawinul, Johan Agebjörn, Chinawoman, Syracuse, Salem Al Fakir, White Noise, Woz, Ratata, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and more. Hope you'll enjoy it! >>>

Here's my latest live stream, with music from David Bowie, Magazine, YMO, Gryningen, Locussolus, David Byrne, Human League, ABBA, Bobby McFerrin, David Bowie, Loose Ends, Jaz, Jarle Bråthen, White Light Circus, The Police, bob hund, David Bowie, Gatto Fritto, Yello, Bullitnuts, The Flirts, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Martha & the Muffins, David Bowie, ELO, Akiko Yano, Black, Yazoo, Bee Gees, Beatles and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's my live stream from last night, with tracks from HFTG, Afromerica, Kraan, Omega, Fever Ray, Khidja, Pye Corner Audio, Red Axes, Haruomi Hosono, Beard in Dust, Jascha Hagen, Cashmere, Elisa Waut, Golden Bug, Daniele Baldelli, Mori Ra, Muslim Disco Club, Albion, Cestrian, Marcello Giordani, Altair Nouveau, Admin, Blancmange, Dollkraut, Swayzak, Al Zanders, Turzi, Nancy Nova, Supermax, Felix Kubin, Detektivbyrån, Nik Kershaw and more... Enjoy! >>>

Last night's 6.5 hours long live stream is here with tracks from Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Ghostwriters, Tiago, Jona Lewie, Manhooker, Abstraxion, Daniel Savio, The Fixx, Chuck Mangione, Ashra, Goldie Thorn, Cloud One, AN-2, Claudja Barry, Heaven 17, Kraftwerk, George Duke, Tom Tom Club, LTJ, Peru, Fockewulf 190, Khidja, Francisco, Jeancy, Candido, Magic Sound, Nouvelle Phénomène, Irregular Disco Workers, Wuf Ticket, Lump, Methusalem, Cerrone, Ippu-Do, Collateral, Peter Richard, Holger Czukay, Can, Serge Blenner, Mike Mandel, Erasure, Yes and more. Enjoy! >>>

Here's last night's six hour long stream, with tracks from Lassigue Bendthaus, Groove Armada, Portishead, Ceramic Hello, Sordid Sound System, Khidja, Torch Song, Beautiful Swimmers, Carly Simon, Higamos Hogamos, Turzi, Buggles, Rod Stewart, Twice a Man, MCL, Frak, 16 Bit, OFF, Imperiet, Poncho Brothers, Flora Orrery, Silver Boy, Jago, Dubious, Metro Area, UB40, Adamski, Wall $treet, Letta Mbulu, Little Dragon, Fatima Yamaha, Moments Lost, bob hund, Brassica, Pink Floyd, Ossler, Herbie Hancock, Harpo and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's my ISFM live stream from October 17:th 2015. Check it out if you feel like hearing music by Björn J:son Lindh, Ralph Lundsten, Haruomi Hosono, Franz Ferdinand, Francis Lai, 400 Blows, AIR, KenJaNai, The Heart of Darkness, Alphaville, Sauveur Mallia, Richard Gateaux, Chrome Brullée, Akiko Yano, Tatsuro Yamashita, Daniel Savio, Yukihiro Takahashi, Madigan, Alex Valentini, Fresh, Dogs of War, Stargliders, ELO, Caramba, Bruce Haack, Little Dragon, Radiohead, Tim Paris, bob hund, Boban Petrovic, Ragnar Grippe, Rock de Luxe, Nature, Janne Schaffer, Kvartetten som sprängde, Eurythmics and more... >>>

I was notified that the download link to my old Börftmix was broken. Luckily I managed to locate the wav on an old backup CD so I could create a new MP3 with higher bitrate and upload it! >>>

My latest live stream is a really slow builder including Art of Noise, Limahl, Jeff Phelps, Farbror Resande Mac, Lena Platonos, José Padilla, Lassigue Bendthaus, Queen, Blueflame, Herb Alpert, Rampi, Brassica, Jo Bisso, Love & Money, Skatebård, Paul Haig, Chaplin Band, Londonbeat, As Tincos, Hot Sporran, Phreek Plus One, Bette Midler, Blancmange, Ree Pete, Joachim Witt, Wang Chung, Poeme Electronique, Kim Larsen, Nena, Phil Manzanera, Lill Lindfors, Totte Wallin and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's my latest live stream. Again over seven hours long, and all over the place. Here you will hear music from Ananta, Zoot Woman, AIR, The Company, Klaatu, Telex, Cosmic Metal Mother, The Edge, Goya, Daniel Savio, Grace Jones, Matt Bianco, China Crisis, 10cc, Robert Broberg, Eddie Meduza, Starbuck, Kreidler, Recoil, Chantal, FGTH, In Embrace, Sheila Chandra, Isolators, Nina Hagen, Dan Tillberg, Front 242, William Orbit, America, Dos Palos, Jimmy McGriff, The Clash, Tania Maria, Candy Flip, Letta Mbulu, Moody Blues, The Doors and many more... Enjoy! >>>

Just posting a reminder that I'm streaming tomorrow at 21:00 CET on Interstate FM, hope to see you there!
I'll also take the opportunity to tell you that my first release on RetouchEdit is now available on Juno Download.

My musical experience of this year's Camp Cosmic was unreal. So many great people played such an amount of amazing music I could hardly take it all in. It put some kind of melodic finger print in my head that keeps repeating, like all music I heard during the whole festival is playing at the same time - and it made me do this. :)
No beat mixing here, just a bunch of really nice tracks put together based on anything but tempos.

I'm back home after visiting Camp Cosmic which was a mind blowing experience! Unfortunately a storm hit the place on Saturday so I was unable to play due to really heavy rain. Here's a test mix I did before the festival, to try out the records I brought. Had I been able to play, this is what it might have sounded like. Hope you'll enjoy!
Camp Cosmic 2015 Test Mix.

I've started an edit label, mainly to have a way to package and release my own edits. It's called RetouchEdit and is digital only for now and the downloads are free, but you can pay if you wish and support me so I eventually can afford to release them on vinyl in the future. The first release can be found here.

Here's the recording of my live stream from June 13:th. This one is a seven hour monster including tracks from Oblique, Zee, Abstraxion, Stereo, Belbury Poly, Primal Scream, Joe Cocker, Fortran 5, Soft Rocks, Bronski Beat, Les Rita Mitsouko, Osmonds, Passport, Bernard Fèvre, Jex Opolis, Destiny, Craig Peyton, Tik & Tok, Stoned Green Apples, Vivien Vee, IMS, 808 State, Ministry, Robotron 4, Kash, ORS, Models, Mya & the Mirrors, Kabbala, Pound Boys, Move D, New Order, Annette, Kroma, XTC, Candido, Mylene Farmer, bob hund, Holger Czukay and many more... I hope you'll enjoy it! >>>

Here's last night's live stream. Nearly six hours long with tracks from Brian Eno, Hans Edler, Eccentrics Edits, Midnight Juggernauts, Psychic TV, Jack Pattern, Farbror Resande Mac, Dan Lissvik, Haruomi Hosono, Private Agenda, Severed Heads, Black Light Smoke, Alex Valentini, Jeancy, X-Ref, Body Party, Baby's Gang, Sha-Lor, Silver Apples, Red Axes, Dude Energy, Frak, Deep Thought, Stevie Wonder, Perfect Zebras, SPK, Winston Tong, Echo Park, Pogues, Amon Düül II, Portishead, Lena Platonos, Yazoo and many more... Enjoy! >>>

There are still copies of my first vinyl release Stargliders - Cosmic Gold available in these online stores: Juno Records, Phonica Records, Rush Hour
It's limited to 300 copies, so get one today - before they're all sold out. >>>

Here's my live stream from last night. Including tracks from Tapes, Bas Lexter Ensample, Other People Place, Depeche Mode, Wax, Thinkman, Saâda Bonaire, Galaxy Toobin' Gang, Jungle, Bokaye, Doves, Clarian, Jex Opolis, Ronny Jordan, Stabil Elite, Force Dimension, Frak, Sarr Band, Herman's Rocket, Double, Fernando, Fantasy, Baccara, Paul McCartney, Lowfish, Gina X, Stanley Clarke, Nancy Nova, Ved, Homelife, Mulatu Astatke, Chinawoman and more... Enjoy! >>>

I recently started adding all ~1400 videos from my terminated YouTube channel on Dailymotion, about 600 of them done this far. It's a lot of work but I'll try to keep on doing a batch every day. Here's my new home:
To show your support, please register a Dailymotion account and follow my channel, or follow me on Twitter: - or do both! And please spread the word about my move.
Thank you!

Here's my live stream from last night. It's pretty chaotic at times, but try to enjoy it anyway. Inlcudes Wally Badarou, Ralph Lundsten, Tycho, Android Sisters, The Knife, Bee Gees, Nacht und Nebel, Monte Vidéo, Frak, Maanam, Tomas Ledin, Mikael Rickfors, Unkle, Methusalem, Pedestrians, SSQ, Mr Flagio, Chayell, Canyons, Giorgio Moroder, Marcello Giordani, Lusty Zanzibar, Paul Hardcastle, Kord, Hot Chip, Talking Heads, Hard Corps, Sort Joey, Mike Mareen, Ultravox, Alterted Images and more... >>>

Here's my ISFM live stream from February 7:th 2015. Again nearly seven hours long. This time I played music by Genesis, Ralph Lundsten, Eric Hine, Fall on Your Sword, Cabaret Voltaire, B-side, Smea, Delicious Allstars, Nattsudd, Parigi, Six Cups of Rebel, MC1, Daniel Savio, Japanese Synchro System, Asha Puthli, Macho, Ahmed Fakroun, Midnight Savari, Radio Band, KZA, Daniel Wang, OFF, Lain, Bon Voyage, Fresh, Scool, Ralph Falcon, Amin-Peck, EMAK, Ströer, Boys Du Severe, Somnabulist, Iko, Bruce Haack, George Duke, Black Sabbath and many more... I hope you'll enjoy it! >>>

My first live stream in 2015 turned into an almost 7 hour long eclectic journey with music from Men's Fencing, Grannens Förflutna, Rational Youth, Mass Production, Soma Holiday, Jyl, Maze, BWH, Peter Godwin, Psychemagik, Ronny, Carla Baker, Patrice Rushen, Captain Sensible, Malcolm McLaren, Blackway, Marzio Dance, Stereo, BAR, Stabil Elite, Matias Aguayo, Sidwho?, Prince, Dhuo, Kano, Commando M Pigg, Ubangi, Mag & the Suspects, Fleetwood Mac and more. Enjoy! >>>

Here's the live stream I did on New Year's Eve. It was completely unplanned and spontaneous. I started around 11 in the evening, took a short break at 12 to watch the fireworks, and then continued until early morning of January 1:st 2015. >>>

Here's my stream from last night. It's 6.5 hours and a bit messy at times. Including Boards of Canada, Steve Moore, Spotnicks, Tangerine Dream, Ubangi, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Nevia Preex, Zee, Konk, Vasco Rossi, Okay Temiz, Faze Action, Blludd Relations, Vivien Vee, Isaac Hayes, Mito, Bagarre, Chris & Cosey, Clock Work Toys, Yello, Twins, Depeche Mode, Lene Lovich, Temptations, Pink Floyd, ABBA, ELO, Barclay James Harvest and more... >>>

Here's my latest stream, including music from William Orbit, Hot Sporran, Golden Ivy, Laid Back, Cliff Richard, Style Council, PIL, Di Leva, Twin Sister, Frak, Skyy, ZZ Top, Osmonds, Piano Fantasia, NOIA, IMS, Kord, Idjut Boys, Heaven 17, Monster Apparat, YMO, OMD, Ignatius Jones, Logic System, Phaeax, Black Devil, Stevie Wonder, Change, DAF, Tubeway Army, Telex, Ken Elliott, Cure, New Order and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's last night's live stream. Six and a half hour of music from Depeche Mode, The Knife, XR 7, Soma Holiday, Galaxy Toobin, David Bowie, Beautiful Swimmers, Brennan Green, Victrola, Blackway, BWH, David Keaton, Daniel Wang, Mr Flagio, Stargliders, Ajello, Pixeltan, AN-2, Gino Soccio, Thom Yorke, Blancmange, Conservatives, Mr Master, Charlie, Trentemøller, Nhar, Bangkok Impact, Putsch '79, Ronny, Kroma, impLOG, Mando Diao, Black Sabbath, Doors, Saga and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's my latest mix. Made for Balearic Social and broadcast on Purple Radio on September 21st. Enjoy! >>>

I had some computer problems recently and thought I'd share the solution here, in case others run into the same problem. It all started one Sunday morning. When I turned on my PC, Windows XP would no longer boot. I got a blue screen with the following error message: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL *** STOP: 0x000000D1 *** SCSIPORT.SYS I could not understand what had caused this since I had made no changes to my system the day before. Booting into Safe Mode worked though, and after quite some time investigating I found the cause; I was using the Bitdefender antivirus, and the day before I had turned off its real-time protection since it slowed down my system, and never turned it back on before powering down my computer. This was what caused the error, the realtime protection being disabled! So, while in Safe Mode I simply uninstalled Bitdefender and after that my system booted normally again.

Here's my latest stream, including Ralph Lundsten, Tao, Alla Pugacheva, Sandii, Teletron, Nocturnal Emissions, Joey Casio, Adamski, Cashmere, I-Spies, Massive, NV, Chas Jankel, Daft Punk, Debra Dejean, Intastella, UB40, Gabi Delgado, Metamatics, Scool, Kamelie, ORM, Jonzun Crew, Babyman, Imiafan, Cybotron, YMO, Ray Lema, Jarre, Dalla/Morandi, Bow Wow Wow, Haysi Fantayzee, Laid Back, Space Art, Syd Barrett and more... Enjoy! >>>

A new, crazy, wrong-speed edit. Made by accident, more or less. Get it here.

Finished a new edit last night. I had been thinking about re-editing this awesome wrong-speeder for a long time. Check it out!

Here's my ISFM live stream from August 9:th 2014. Bryan Ferry, Hot Blood, AIR, Depeche Mode, Antena, Jex Opolis, Kavinsky, LCD Soundsystem, Miko, Bill Nelson, Thompson Twins, Noir Désir, Jeff Wayne, Odysseus, Barry Mason, Stopp, Pino D'Angiò, Robert Marlow, Ghecko, Parallax Corp, Frak, Kraftwerk, Total Unity, Can, Cybotron, Rational Youth, Eurythmics, Première Classe, Joe Jackson, DÖF, Wham!, Gilbert O'Sullivan and more... >>>

Another edit was finished last night. Check it out here.

I finished another edit tonight. I always felt this one needed less bad choruses, more umpfh in the bass and more flangery delay. Enjoy, like it was 1984.

I made a new edit, check it out here.

Hartzine interviewed me about the recent termination of my YouTube channel 0x51d. Read it here. There's also a new mix at the end of the interview.

Here's my latest mix, made for Krossfingers. It's 3 hours long & kind of sound weave'ish ambient/avantgarde with sounds, effects, music and some spoken word. It took many hours to prepare this one, and recording it was a typical situation where I wished for a third turntable. Enjoy this trip!

Here's my ISFM live stream from July 12:th 2014. Once again some six hours long, this time with music from Björn J:son Lindh, Wings, Enrico Simonetti, Anna, Wang Chung, Soul II Soul, Poolside, Ashra, Ministry, Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Midge Ure, David Bowie, Helen, Throbbing Gristle, Bronski Beat, Yes, Robert Görl, Tears for Fears, Zoo, Transvolta, Solar Searcher, Easy Going, Frak, Spectral Display, Annette Peacock, Pink Floyd and many more. I hope you'll enjoy this! >>>

RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan) didn't think music from Yellow Magic Orchestra should be available for people to hear, so they issued copyright strikes against my 0x51d YouTube channel and got it terminated. More information about it, together with people's reactions, can be found on the 0x51d Facebook page.

Here's my ISFM live stream from June 14:th 2014. It's a six hour ride & features Duet Emmo, Thomas Leer, Maurice & Charles, Falco, Stig Vig, Witch Doctor, Decadance, Last Waltz, Frak, Osmonds, Big Ben Tribe, Kazino, Hugh Masekela, Lisa Stansfield, S'Express, Sueño Latino, Loose Joints, Daphne, Faze Action, Niagara, Trophy, Daniel Wang, Ronny, Telex, Ratata, New Order, Bagarre, Communards, Gary Numan, Rose Royce, Adolphson-Falk and more... I hope you'll enjoy it! >>>

My homepage is finally back online! I will update the mix section during the weekend.

Here's my ISFM live stream from May 17:th 2014. It turned into a 7 hour long monster session with music from Kool & the Gang, Brian Bennett, Juicy, Jungle, Gary Numan, MFA Kera, Les Rita Mitsouko, Hubbabubbaklubb, Space Art, Plastic Mode, Code 61, Do Piano, Yazoo, Earons, Tensnake, André Cymone, ZaZa, Polyphonic Size, IMS, Isolators, Bill Nelson, Fad Gadget, Håkan Lidbo, Methusalem, Bjørn Torske, Black Devil, Mr. Flagio, Todd Terje, Stereo, Don Ray, Kano, YMO, MCL, Mersadie, Trus'me, Kaktus, Anne Clark, Kraftwerk, Kim Larsen, Droids, Soft Rocks, A-ha and more... >>>

Here's my Interstate FM live stream from May 3:rd 2014, with Tri Atma, Landscape, Japan, Simple Minds, Tina Turner, Debbie Harry, Stereo MC's, Grace Jones, Chic, Matthew Wilder, Rod Stewart, London Beat, Five o'clock Traffic, Erik XVI, Ranko, Eurofunk, Charlie, Chemise, Hercule, Tamiko Jones, Michael Chapman, Lord of the Isles, Atjazz, Richard Strange, Bingoboys, Hall & Oates, ABBA, Lindsey Buckingham, Godley & Creme, Sweet, Salem Al Fakir, Jona Lewie, Men without Hats, Baard, Black Sabbath, Billy Idol, Daniel Savio and more... >>>

Here's my Interstate FM live stream from April 5:th 2014, with tracks from Pink Floyd, Howard Jones, Kraftwerk, U2, Fern Kinney, Uku Kuut, Per Cussion, Francis Lai, Nite Jewel, Jarre, Oppenheimer Analysis, Space Art, Psychic Mirrors, DAF, Rolling Stones, Jex Opolis, Barry Mason, Doctor's Cat, Frankie Knuckles, Wuf Ticket, Saâda Bonaire, Giorgio Moroder, Roni Griffith, Gwen McCrae, Jamie Principle, Chris & Cosey, Ragnar Grippe, Mandré, YMO, Nina Hagen, Cosmic Overdose, Peter Green, Dave Brubeck, Donna Regina, Thåström and more... >>>

Here's my Interstate FM live stream from March 8:th 2014, including Malcolm McLaren, Tangerine Dream, Roy Ayers, Mirdza Zivere, Francis Lai, Uku Kuut, AN-2, Keith LeBlanc, Sun, Daniel Savio, Tom Tom Club, Daniel Wang, Yaz, Blancmange, Gazebo, +1, Time, Curt Cress, Den Harrow, Riuichi Sakamoto, Monster Apparat, Isadora Juice, Material, Beloved, White Noise, Radiohead, Blodfet & DJ Lonely, Danielsson & Pekkanini and more... >>>

Here's last night's stream from me. Apx four hours with music from Pink Floyd, Jex Opolis, Nena, Bella Vista, Bon Voyage, MARRS, Billy Ocean, Eva Dahlgren, Sammy Barbot, Kim Wilde, Novamen, Visage, Startled Insects, The Cars, MicroChipLeague, Sugababes, Crystal Grass, Karen Finley, Bob Salton, Paul Young, William Orbit, Tony Esposito, Grace Jones, Stevie Wonder, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and many more. Enjoy! >>>

Here's my live stream from last night. Shorter than planned due to technical issues with the stream server. Including Ethnic Band, Tarwater, Jex Opolis, T'Pau, The Knife, Soirée, Holger Hiller, LTJ, Idjut Boys, Hot Coins, Ray Mang, 808 State, Malcolm McLaren, New Musik, Bagarre, Ken Elliott, Saâda Bonaire, Fashion, C-Brand, Roland Rat Superstar, Woolfy, Korgis, Justine & the Victorian Punks and more... >>>

Here's my latest stream. 5.5 hours of music from Sharon Lifshitz, Rockets, AIR, Godley & Creme, Patrick Cowley, YMO, 400 Blows, Passport, Cabaret Voltaire, Smiles, Liaisons Dangereuses, Front 242, Barry Mason, NOIA, Pino D'Angio, Ministry, ACR, Dubious, Total Unity, Twins, Kraftwerk, The Bridge, China Crisis, Duran Duran, Woz, Pink Floyd and more. >>>

Here's my stream from last night. Five hours of music from artists like Erik Wøllo, Smea, Patrick Cowley, Kavinsky, Blakula, Poolside, Niccolò Cupo, Lemon, Bon Voyage, Nina Hagen, The Quick, Ice "T", Kepier, Blludd, Fujiya & Miyagi, Stephanie Mills, Martin Lloyd, Video, Thing, Lain, Pional, Dirtytwo, Winston Tong, Riuichi Sakamoto, Eddie Cheba, Yello, AN-2, Belbury Poly, Mandré, Easy Going, Frak, Stephan Eicher and more... Hope you'll enjoy it & remember to tune in next month. >>>

My latest Someone's Imagination album is finally available in many different places.
Buy the CD, iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, Spotify

Last night's stream is yet another six hour ride including Amorphous Androgynous, Can, Studio, B.E.F, Adolphson & Falk, Reggie Watts, Style Council, Bill Wolfer, Revolving Eyes, Psychic Mirrors, AN-2, RAH Band, Fancy, Lindstrøm, The Clash, Alex Cima, Freestyle Man, Frak, Off-Key Hat, Legowelt, Blancmange, Paradise Frame, Imiafan, Ulf Dageby and more. Hope you'll enjoy this! >>>

Here's my latest stream. Five hours of music from Blueflame, Fra Lippo Lippi, Angela, Spacelab, Davoz, Betty Miranda, Animotion, Digital Emotion, New Scene, Son of Sam, Fun Fun, Shriekback, Depeche Mode, Blancmange, DAF, Julee Cruise, Van Halen, AIR, bob hund, Nirvana, FSOL, Sten Hanson and more... >>>

Here's Saturday's live stream. It's another insane six hour session which got quite messy at times. Includes artists like Giorgio Moroder, Ståålfågel, Supermax, Psychemagik, The Police, Soft Rocks, Cage & Aviary, Tom Tom Club, Alan Rankine, New Musik, Hubbabubbaklubb, Five Star, Dutch Rhythm Combo, A Certain Ratio, Earl Flint, Prince, Mungolian Jetset, Irene Cara, Peter Richard, Bronski Beat, Yazoo and more... >>>

Here's my Interstate FM live stream from September 21st 2013. 6,5 hours long and quite messy at times. Including artists like The Doors, Hawkwind, Smith & Mudd, Klaus Schulze, Holger Czukay, Bruce Haack, Lene Lovich, Belbury Poly, Radiohead, Andy Summers, Idjut Boys, Riuichi Sakamoto, David Bowie, Ronny, Ubangi, Rajan, Rupert Hine, Fad Gadget, MCL, Bjørn Torske, Simple Minds, Gina X, Spectral Display, YMO, I-F, Steve Hillage, Material, SSQ, Soft Machine, Robert Broberg and more... >>>

Last night's live stream uploaded. Including tracks from Torch Song, Mick Karn, Ginny, Fortran 5, Orup, Ultravox, Neil Young, Bryan Ferry, ABC, Alton Miller, Sparks, Dinosaur L, Cerrone, Jackie Mittoo, Mulatu Astatke, Jurriaan Andriessen and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's my stream from last night. It's almost six hours long and contains music from Ratata, Kajagoogoo, Propaganda, Peter Godwin, Tamara Silvera, Frank Chickens, Mikael Rickfors, Trentemøller, Simon Harris, Isadora, Patrick Cowley, Billie Ray Martin, Nature, The Knife, ELO, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Yazoo, The Beatles and more... >>>

Here's last night's live stream, without the ~2 hours of Italo-disco at the end since that was exclusive live material. :P You can expect music from Alan Parsons Project, Style Council, Antena, Klaus Schulze, Pink Project, Zinc, FYC, Uku Kuut, Art of Noise, Gainsbourg, Todd Terje, Deadline, New Order, Erik XVI, Section 25, Corn Flakes, bob hund, Sade, Azymuth, The Doors and more... >>>

I made another guest mix for Balearic Social which was broadcast earlier today. Here's your chance to hear it (again?) or download it. >>>

Here's my stream from last night with stuff from Simon Says, Home & Garden, Space System, Cosmic Metal Mother, Steel Mind, RAF, Blancmange, Angela, Psychemagik, 40 Thieves, Five o'clock Traffic, Asso, Tantra, Metro Area, Torch Song, Kraftwerk and more... >>>

I've uploaded two new edits. New-disco-not-disco-wave from Cia Berg and Spandau Ballet. Enjoy!
Cia - Hjältar
Spandau Ballet - Glow

Last night's 5 hour long stream is uploaded. Including music from Moskwa TV, Logic System, Cube, Maxwell's, Visitors, Beloved, Debra Dejean, Plastic Mode, Peter Godwin, Cage & Aviary, Albion, Jago, Ilija Rudman, Ivan, Methusalem, Zombi, Phaeax, Zig Zag and more... >>>

Here's the stream from last night. It's 5 hours long and features Quantum Jump, Mistral, Felix Kubin, Bob Welch, Gazebo, Saga, Der Zyklus, Schlammpeitziger, Lio, Bombers, Plastic Bertrand, Korgis, Flirts, Gary Numan, New Musik, Rupert Hine, Laurie Anderson and more... >>>

Last night's live stream uploaded, with tracks from Simple Minds, Brian Eno & David Byrne, Venus Gang, Harem, Bagarre, NOIA, Five o'clock Traffic, Ministry, Todd Terje, Sueño Latino, Axel Boman, Spandau Ballet, Nancy Nova, Rockers, FGTH and more... >>>

A mix made for 12th Isle Transmissions which was broadcast on Subcity Radio March 4:th 2013. >>>

My live stream from last night is now online, including music from Ralph Lundsten, Reggie Watts, Strix Q, Turzi, Prince, Psychic Mirrors, Off-Key Hat, Montana, Chemise, Leda, Diskreet, Daniel Wang, Was (Not Was), Black Devil, Dinosaur L, OMD and more... >>>

Last night's ISFM live stream now available on my mix page. 4,5 hours of eclectic cosmic downtempo music from Wally Badarou, Kurt Hauenstein, Ippu Do, Savant, Tribute, TCP, Jesse Rae, XR 7, The Knife, Eurythmics, Alla Pugacheva, Jerry Harrison, Depeche Mode, Uku Kuut, Greg Hawkes, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Logic System, Barclay James Harvest, Zazu, Brian Eno, Vangelis, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Cetu Javu, The Doors and more... >>>

My latest stream is online now, featuring Air, Rhythm Heritage, Azymuth, Material, Mick Karn, Circlesquare, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Magnus Uggla, Al Capone, Todd Terje, Hamilton Bohannon, Taana Gardner, Prins Thomas, Padded Cell, Arpadys, Harry Thumann, Bagarre, Almir Ricardi, Kraftwerk, Cybotron, Radiohead and more... >>>

Here's my Interstate FM live stream from March 23:rd, without the two last hours where I only played ballads. Including tracks from Hawkwind, Deodato, Will Powers, Macho Gang, Koto, Yazoo, Asso, T-Connection, A. Mislayene, Parlour, Metro Area, Low Motion Disco, Charlie, Mina, Azoto, Jock Hattle, Man Parrish, Depeche Mode and more... Enjoy! >>>

Here's side A of a mixtape on the theme vocoders that I made for Analog Sweden in September 2012. >>>

Here's side B of a mixtape on the theme vocoders that I made for Analog Sweden in September 2012. >>>

Here's my live stream from last night. Four hours of all kinds of music; Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, The Sunburst Band, Gang, Plastic Mode, Daniel Wang, Telex, Trio, Cellophane Brain, Explorer, Giorgio Farina, Peter Richard, Savage Progress, New Order, Severed Heads, Rinder & Lewis, Charanjit Singh, Soft Machine, Falco, Nirvana and more... >>>

Here's my latest live stream, or most of it. I played for 6 hours this time so there are 2 hours of weirdness and insanity missing at the end. I edited it out mainly because it didn't fit in, and also because the recording ended abruptly when I ran out of disk space. Hope you'll like it! >>>

Added my latest live stream. >>>

My live stream from last night is available online. It's the usual eclectic mess and some 90's house tracks that I hadn't played in a long time. >>>

My two latest streams were added to my mix page. Enjoy! >>>

I sometimes forget to update this website so if you're looking for recent streams take a look at

I finished my new Someone's Imagination album called "Suddenly You're Gone". Listen or buy here.

Added my two latest streams to the archive. >>>

Here's another guest mix of mine, this time made for Emotional Pop. Enjoy! >>>

I made a guest mix for Balearic Social Radio recently, you can get it from my mixpage or their blog. >>>

Here's an exclusive mix I made for The Lovely Daze to accompany the interview they did with me. >>>

Here's my latest live stream. Disco, funk, italo & electro. Enjoy! >>>

My latest live stream on Interstate FM is online now. It's a five hours long journey involving lots of different styles & tempos. Enjoy! >>>

Here's tonight's stream on Interstate FM. Mainly disco & funk in different tempos. Hope you'll enjoy it! If you want to book me for a gig drop me a line on the contact page. >>>

Here's last night's stream. I had spent the day digging through my wardrobe's more housier section of records not played in many years and decided to make a sudden stream with some of the better ones. Towards the end, after several glasses of red wine, I accidentally slipped into the land of cerebral Börft-techno and similar. To get back into the cosy mood I decided to round it off with Bright Eyes, after all it was 1:30 in the night and time to go to bed. Now dance! >>>

I've added my two latest ISFM live streams to the mixes section. The first one is a down to mid tempo house/nu-disco journey created with records mainly from the 2000's. The other is probably best described as eclectic or balearic with David Sylvian, Simple Minds, Falco, ABC, James Mason, Boney M, Cymande, William Onyeabor & many others sharing the stage. I hope you'll enjoy these! >>>

"Svensk sommar" - a mix I made exclusively for Prejka including Swedish artists like Björn J:son Lindh, Bo Hansson, Janne Schaffer, Kebnekaise, Thomas Almqvist, Baltik & many others. Progg-rock/jazz-funk/fusion-disco/post-punk/new wave...

Here's Saturday's ISFM live stream! >>>

Here's my Interstate FM live stream from June 2nd. It's five hours of mid-tempo grooves to boogie to. Hope you'll enjoy it! >>>

My two latest live streams were added to the site, May 5th & May 19th. Enjoy! >>>

Another housey stream online, this one's from April 16. >>>

Here's my ISFM live stream from April 7th. It's nearly six hours of disco & house, more uptempo & dancey than usual. Hope you'll enjoy it! >>>

My Interstate FM live stream from 2012-03-24. Earlier this week I revived my old LPs with Erasure, Human League, OMD & the like, which gave me the idea to do a stream based on 80s electronic music, but without the singles/hits/songs from the charts. I spent most of Saturday compiling a good selection of records & freestyled the stream based on that. >>>

This is what Interstate FM sounded like from 21:00 CET on Saturday 10:th of March in 2012. Meaning me more or less planlessly delivering the listeners music from vinyl. If you enjoy it & want to get the live experience with web-cam in the future, make sure to follow me on FB to get notifications: >>>

This is my live set played at Borgen, Malmö on February 25:th. Deep Disco, Electronic Funk, 80s Groove and Downtempo House. >>>

Here's my ISFM live stream from December 24th. Totally unplanned & spontaneous and without a complete track listing, but some of the included artists are The Commodores, Latin Quarter, Icehouse, Godley Creme, Heather Parisi, The Clash, Ashra, Isadora, Telex, Buggles, Pink Floyd, Phil Lynott, Ubangi, Rockets, Manhattan Transfer, Tantra, Nazareth, Kebnekaise, PIL, Transvision Vamp. >>>

My live stream from December 3rd is a five hour long ride of beer & records with quite a splash of italo-disco & electro somewhere in the middle. :) >>>

This is last Saturday's live stream on Interstate FM. Three and a half hours of music from Patrick Cowley, Gino Soccio, Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Mike Oldfield, Bohannon, Bella Vista, Tiago, ABBA, Ministry, Rajan, Twice a Man, Chris & Cosey, Johnny Chingas, Bruce Haack, Shriekback, Stevie Wonder & others. Follow the link for a complete track list and to listen or download. Enjoy! >>>

Here's my stream from October 22nd. Four hours of music starting with Ralph Lundsten, ending with Marshall-Hain & in between music from The Fixx, Reservé, Angela, Maanam, Vanity, Spliff, Liv, Son of Sam, Doris Norton, Joachim Witt, Gina X, Allez Allez, Hansson de Wolfe United & many others. Enjoy the ride! >>>

Funky slo-mo disco house. Check out my exclusive mix for Mitamine Lab.

Here's my Interstate FM live stream from October 8th. It's another of my 80s shows so here you get almost four hours of music from that beloved decade, spontaneously mixed & selected along the way. Some included artists are Propaganda, Murray Head, Eighth Wonder, P.Lion, Wang Chung, Police, Mary Jane Girls, Madonna, Scritti Politti, Moses, Wham!, Falco, Queen, Animotion, Chris Rea, Rockwell & Slade. Follow the link to listen/download & get a complete track listing. Enjoy! >>>

A new exclusive mix is available on Le Musiccassette. Enjoy!

Here's my live stream from September 10:th which I had forgotten to add. Includes music from AIR, Frida, TCP, Enrico Simonetti, Richard Bone, Talk Talk, Alla Pugacheva, Peter Green, John Forde, Can, Grace Jones, Hydravion, Droids, Asso & many more. >>>

Most of last night's stream on Interstate FM is now online. Including Edgar Froese, Laid Back, Jyl, Amin-Peck, Psychemagik, Poolside, Matsubara, Q, Polyphonic Size, Mim Suleiman, Walter Whisenhunt, Vance & Suzzanne, Gina X, Ian Dury, The Isolators & plenty more... Enjoy! >>>

The mix I made for Hartzine is now available on my mix page. It's an uptempo electronic disco (and not disco) journey with tracks from Mike Oldfield, Space, Faze Action, Metro Area, Jersey Devil Social Club, Robotwerke, Bangkok Impact, Mock & Toof, Black Devil, Kebekelektrik, Giorgio Farina, Cento, Slick, Richard Denton & Martin Cook. Hope it'll make you move or even jump around a bit! >>>

Some time ago I answered a couple of questions and made an exclusive uptempo(!) mix for Hartzine, today it got published.

My complete live stream from Interstate FM on July 2nd 2011. At times quite chaotic, as usual, but I guess it adds to the charm of it being totally unprepared. No track list available but it includes stuff from Azymuth, Holger Czukay, Alan Parsons Project, Hardfloor, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Zinc, Chuck Mangione, Peter Brown, Vera, Heaven 17, Mass Production, Marc Oberti, Riuichi Sakamoto, TC Curtis, Matsubara, Raw Silk, Cashmere, Pure Energy, Chris & Cosey, Silicone Soul, The Fog, Tantra, Slick, Gino Soccio & more... Hope you'll enjoy it. >>>

Made a mix for the people over at Sqwelsch. It's some kind of laid back new wave funk rock. Stay calm, it works. :)

A digital EP with five 0x51d pL4n374ry tracks was released on the ISIGTUTEOT label, follow the link for free download.

The mix I made for The Electric Disco is now available for download on my mix page. Includes tracks from Blundetto, Ippu Do, Jean-Michel Jarre, B.E.F., Blancmange, Thompson Twins, Dulo, diskJokke, Jasper van't Hof, Chris Hinze Combination, Space, Tyniram, Commodores & others. Enjoy! >>>

There's an interview with me and a new exclusive mix up on The Electric Disco, check it out here.

My Interstate FM live stream from February 19th. Starts out with slow, groovy electronic stuff, turns into afro funk, picks up the pace & goes into disco territory to end in some kind of electronic cosmic disco. Mixing is slightly iffy at places, mainly due to beer consumption. ;) Enjoy! >>>

Here's my latest live stream. It's from February 12:th and includes tracks from Sauveur Mallia, SSQ, Breekout Krew, 1000 ohm, Lime, Tik and Tok, The Pedestrians, Marcello Giordani, Torch Song, Starflight, Mr. Flagio, Paul Hardcastle, Ollie & Jerry, Cori Josias, Giorgio Moroder, LEB Harmony, Tamiko Jones, Punkin Machine, Kash, Ströer, T.W. Funk Masters, Slick, Rational Youth, Monster Apparat, Alan Hawkshaw and Mass Production. Enjoy! >>>

The mix I made for Fatty Fatty is now available on my mix page. It includes tracks from Morgan Geist, Brian Briggs, Tiago, Mudd & Ahmed Fakroun, Steve Bender, Flowers and Sea Creatures, Yse Saint Laur'ant, LTJ, Supersempfft, Cristal, Soft Rocks, MFA Kera, Destroyers, Diggy Tal & the Numbers, Jacky Chalard, Barry Marshall & His Orchestra. Hope you'll enjoy it! >>>

Last night I was in an extreme 80s mood so I did this totally spontaneous & unplanned live stream on Interstate FM. It has its ups & downs but is packed with three hours of pure 80s nostalgia, I hope you'll enjoy the cheese. Featured artists are Nu Shooz, Captain Sensible, King, Kajagoogoo, Scritti Politti, Nolan Thomas, Mon Dino, Bananarama, Toto Coelo, RAH Band, Stevie Wonder, Frida, Bolland, Kate Bush, Pet Shop Boys, Hall & Oates, Pointer Sisters, Laura Branigan, Queen, Fox the Fox, Michael Jackson, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Kim Wilde, Flash & the Pan, Madonna, Eartha Kitt, ABC, Chaka Khan, Duran Duran, Industry, Desireless, Secret Service, Righeira, Irene Cara, Corey Hart, The Romantics, INXS. >>>

A recently made exclusive mix for Fatty Fatty has now been posted on their blog. Check it out.

The mix I made for Disco Outcasts is now available on my mix page. It includes tracks from Stargard, Herb Alpert, Beautiful Swimmers, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Bill Laswell, AM-FM, Grace Jones, Soft Rocks, Rubber Room, Sugardaddy feat. Rita Saunders, Greg Kihn Band, Gwen Guthrie & The Sunburst Band. >>>

A new mix of mine was posted on Disco Outcasts today. Visit the blog to check it out!

Here's a section of the live stream I did on Interstate FM, November 27:th. Some of the featured artists are War, Ian Dury, West India Company, Titanic, Sailor, Gina X, Dr. Hook, Warp 9, Peaches & Herb, Talking Heads & Elektrik Funk. Enjoy! >>>

This is from a live stream I did on Interstate FM, October 23rd 2010. Funky disco house with touches of psychedelic krautrock & post-punk. It has its ups & downs & a couple of unfocused moments but at least I hope it will make you move. Some included artists are Smith & Mudd, Soft Rocks, Padded Cell, Chicken Lips, Michoacan, Mock & Toof, Nexus, Lump & Peter Gordon. Follow the link for a complete tracklisting & to listen/download. Enjoy! >>>

Here's a recording of my latest live stream done on Interstate FM, it's from October 8:th & contains tracks from Holger Hiller, Soft Rocks, Ratata, Peter Godwin, Woolfy, Mim Suleiman, Gang, Kleeer, Ozo, Axel Bauer, Chuck Mangione, Bill Laswell & many more. Follow the link for a complete track listing & to download/listen. Enjoy! >>>

I felt it was time again to dive into the 80s, so I dug out some treasures from the past and put this mix together. A slightly faster tempo and a bit wilder on the mix than in part 1. Enjoy! >>>

Found this one when I randomly checked a couple of my old recorded streams, it's from March 28th 2009. The title suggests I was ill when streaming this, I can't remember this particular stream at all so I assume the title is true. Above that, the style of the tracks gives me a feeling of fever dreams & hallucinations. Here's the first hour, the second sucked. >>>

This was my warm-up set at Klubb Vertigo - Rymdsafari 3 in Helsingborg 27/8 2010. Unfortunately the recording had a big amount of noise so I had to run this through some noise reduction to make it somewhat listenable. >>>

Here's an excerpt from my 4 hour live stream I did on Interstate FM July 10th. It includes a couple of Swedish artists like Harpo, Zero (aka Robert Broberg) & Pugh Rogefeldt among others. Follow the link for a complete tracklisting & to listen or download. Hope you'll enjoy it! >>>

The people over at organized a Mystery Mix Competition in May & here's my entry for it, it did not win. >>>

My Interstate FM live stream from June 19:th including Zazou/Bikaye/Cy1, Parlour, 400 Blows, Sade, Thomas Dolby, Yes, Thomas Leer, Skyy, Tantra and more. >>>

Being born in the 70s, the 80s was the decade when I became seriously interested in music & 1983, at the age of 10, was when I started buying records so there's a lot of music from back then that has a very special place in my heart.

One Saturday not so long ago I decided to make an 80s special for my live stream on Interstate FM - the result was 4 hours of, to me, important music from the 80s.
The stream was just loosely planned so mix wise it didn't turn out anyway near satisfactory to me, but parts of it was rather good & I felt I wanted to make a couple of quite short mixes including 80s music only.

Here's part one of my 80s Dive - still not seamlessly mixed but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. >>>

The result of a spontaneous live stream done on Interstate FM Thursday May 27:th while quenching my thirst with some beer can be found here. >>>

I noticed that the domain hosting some of my older mixes weren't active any longer so I uploaded them to another server and fixed the broken links. Now you can download these mixes again:
Five o'clock Traffic Mix
Pet Shop Boys Megamix
Classic Italo Disco Mix 1
Classic Italo Disco Mix 2

I also added side A of a mixtape I did in 1991:
Music Mix 5 Final [Side A]

Here's half of the stream I did on Interstate FM, May 15:th. It's mainly about disco & house. Hope you'll enjoy it! >>>

Cosmic Kraut Italo Disco House... That's how I try to describe the live stream I did on Interstate FM May 8:th. It's an apx 4 hour journey with plenty of direction. Some of the featured artists are Mulatu Astatke, Mandré, Chakachas, Commodores, Brian Eno, The Cure, Gary Numan, Can, Giorgio Farina, DiLeva, Persia, Ved & Gong. Follow the link to get the complete tracklisting & listen/download. Enjoy! >>>

Here's a one-hour guest mix I made for Purple Radio which was aired earlier this week. It's mainly about disco; old, new, cosmic, funky, cheesy, weird, spooky, funny, housey, boogie... Well, you get the point. Some mixed disco pickles await you if you follow the link. >>>

My live stream from January 16:th starts with some cosmic downtempo oddities & ends with some newer house tracks, everything with the help from artists like ABBA & Electric Banana Band. 48 tracks played this time, follow the link to listen or download & see the complete tracklisting. Enjoy! >>>

My first live stream in 2010 became a real blast & slowly expanded into a massive 4 hours of funk, cosmic disco, deep house & spaced out boogie. I played a total of 47 tracks! Follow the link for a complete tracklisting & the possibility to stream or download the recording. Happy New Year! >>>

In an attempt to organize all my house/minimal/tech records I barely play these days I decided to make a spontaneous mix while checking them out, this is the result. It starts out quite deep/soulful/mellow but within an hour it has turned into this trippy space journey with endless transitions & after that it just gets weirder. :) >>>

This is a live stream I did on Interstate FM November 21:st including tracks from The Police, Love Unlimited Orchestra, Goblin, Fatback, Ozo, Vangelis, Don Ray, Fashion, Harry Thumann and more... Full tracklisting available on the mixpage. >>>

Here's the live stream I did on Interstate FM November 7:th. Includes tracks from Schlammpeitziger, Detroit Experiment, Thomas Leer, Ralph Lundsten, Rocha, Hercule, Via Verdi, Capricorn, Pluton & Humanoids, R.D. Burman, Beggar & Co, Dan Hartman, Gino Soccio & more... >>>

Today this totally re-designed & re-coded version of my website was launched.

My live stream from October 3:rd is available on my mixpage. It's a somewhat experimental downtempo cosmic affair. >>>

Updated my mixpage with my latest live stream from Interstate FM from September 26:th. >>>

Updated my mixpage with my latest mix featured on Cosmic Disco and the result of my downtempo live stream on Interstate FM, August 29:th. Enjoy! >>>

Here's the live stream I did August 15:th on Interstate FM. I'm very satisfied with what I managed to put together this time. >>>

My Interstate FM live stream from June 27:th is now available on my mixpage. The only plan was to play some housier stuff than usual and I actually think I managed to stick to the plan this time. I'm quite pleased with most of it myself. >>>

My Interstate FM live stream from June 13:th was added to my mixpage. >>>

Updated my mixpage with my three latest live streams from Interstate FM, recorded April 18:th, 25:th and May 9:th. Since a couple of weeks I'm totally recoding & redesigning my homepage, hopefully I'll have it ready soon so I can finally replace the old layout. >>>

Updated my mixpage with a recording of a live stream I did on Interstate FM March 21:st. >>>

Updated my mixpage with a recording of a live stream I did on Interstate FM March 8:th. >>>

Updated my mixpage with a recording of a live stream I did on Interstate FM January 17:th. >>>