On this page you will find all my different music-projects:

0x51d pL4n374ry - Instrumental electronic experimental electro/house
Quarterhead - Experimental ambience
Someone's Imagination - Dreamy progressive alternative pop/rock
UPA - Swedish jazzy pop

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All music and lyrics © 1998-2018 Johan Åstrand.

0x51d pL4n374ry

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Instrumental electronic experimental electro/house.
An Atom at Home, Turmoil & deTour Composed in Cubase VST using vintagesynth soundfonts & no effects.
The newer ones were made in Reason.


© 2001

© 2001

An Atom at Home
© 2001

Single tracks:

Derailed Temporality (5:53)
Recovery (6:11)
Teleported (8:25)
Electronic Beer (6:37)
A Lie (feat Slaygon & Larsec) (4:48)
Doldrums (6:42)
Electric Meadow (5:30)
Recalibrated (7:54)
Dices in the Christmas Tree (6:38)
Language (9:40)
Swamp Paws Map (4:18)
Tystnadens glashus (8:11)
Armbetsalar (5:54)
What (Are You Doing) Here? (5:50)
Bauer (Soak It Dry) (7:31)
Nagger (8:41)


Experimental ambience created together with Joakim Hedström.
Lubricity (8:04)

Someone's Imagination

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Dreamy progressive alternative indie synth pop rock.


Suddenly You're Gone
© 2012
A selection of songs written and recorded during the last 10 years, now finally put into context, remixed and "mastered".
This is a home production. I'm not an engineer.
The mixing was done on standard loudspeakers and all vocals were recorded in my apartment using a basic microphone. The song sources were gathered from new and old project files made in many different programs and then manually exported, channel by channel, to wave files and imported to Cubase for mixdown and re-arranging where needed.
During approximately a week I spent more or less all my awake hours trying to finalize this project on my limited equipment. After the first upload I returned to the songs a few days later only to find that it didn't sound very good at all, and decided to take the first version off the net and start all over again. I spent another five days trying to make it sound better, wondering when I should stop tweaking things and if my attention to details really made any difference to the outcome - and if so; to the better? This time it made a huge difference so I'm very happy I decided to spend some more time on it, cause suddenly you're gone - out of range for everyone.

Are You There?
© 2000
Made using Cubase Audio XT 3.05, Goldstar GMK-49 Midi Keyboard, Roland U-110, Sound Blaster 16, Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-550, Digitech DSP 256 Multi Effects Processor, Korg 5 Guitar Performance Signal Processor, Phonic MRT70 Professional Audio Mixer, Tascam Porta One 4 channels Ministudio and an AV-Jefe DM-1900 Microphone.

Single tracks:

Found (5:57) Lyrics
Will Think [2007 Remaster] (8:36) Lyrics
Involved in a Dispute (4:33) Lyrics
To Have and to Hold (4:25) Depeche cover
Oh Dear (3:12) Lyrics
Believe Me (4:56) Lyrics
Folly (5:30) Lyrics
Above the Stars (5:20) Lyrics
Lead Me Through (5:15) Instr.


Swedish jazzy pop.
Recorded using Cubase VST, Soundfonts and a Roland U-110
Mixed and mastered with ACID Pro 3.0
Newer songs made in Cubase SX 2.0 etc etc...
Livets sång (4:02) Lyrics
Värld av neon (4:10) Lyrics
Här hamnar vi allihopa (2:54) Lyrics
Mardröm (3:25) Lyrics
Jämna plågor (4:32) Lyrics