Disque 72 Buyers Mix Club 2017 (1:31:51)
Recorded 2017-01-20 - Aired on Purple Radio.
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Disque 72 Buyers Mix Club 2017
Boaz Sharabi - Palgey Mayim [Autarkic Edit]
Benedikt Frey - Drop the Funk
Unknown - Hilbeh [Rabo & Snob Edit]
Nico Motte - Tacotac
Pitch - What Am I Gonna Do for Fun?
Nu Guinea - The Sun Returns
In the Nite - Guitar Sands
José Padilla - Afrikosa [Wolf Müller Gorilla Mating Dance Dub]
Oliver Onions - Man on a Boat [Dolly Savalas Edit]
Paqua - Late Train [12" Mix]
Bryan Ferry - Boys and Girls [Horton Jupiter's Mystic Dub]
Khidja - Never Seen the Dunes [Discodromo Remix]
Sascha Funke - Back in the Corner
Emmanuelle - Italove
The Units - The Right Man [Baldelli & Dionigi Remix]
Francis Juno - Growing Feeling
Dos Palos - Lady of the Westway