My latest live stream is another 5.5 hours long trip including Kenny Håkansson, Hawkwind, Pekkanini, Monsoon, Prince Jazzbo, Tross, Parlour, Claus Fovea, Saâda Bonaire, Philippe Chany, Dr. Hook, Chakk, Daniel Savio, MCP, Commodores, Mandrill, Vox Low, Eirwud Mudwasser, Gina Calabrese, Laza Ristovski, Tina Spike, Rinder & Lewis, Disconnection, André & Leslie, Shay Jones, Candy Flip, Dan Lissvik, Esperanto, Fontän, Paul Engemann, Beranek, Culture Club, Real Thing, Software and more... Enjoy! >>>
Here's my Interstate FM live stream from last night, including Yellow Magic Orchestra, ZYX, Isley Brothers, Pistol Disco, Cage & Aviary, Bronze Savage, Jamie Paton, Strange Culture, Rune Lindbæk, Spacerocks, Tina Turner, Barrabas, Secret Circuit, Frak, Electribe 101, BWH, Madonna, Coldcut, Stereo, DJ Kaos, Brassica, Stanley Clarke, Novecento, Captain Torkive, A-1, Sally Oldfield, Joakim Cosmo, Exorcist GBG, Goto80, Startled Insects, Furniture, Krater, Country Hams, Synergy, Frank Duval and more... Enjoy! >>>
Last night's stream turned into an almost six hours long trip, including music from Invisible Conga People, Sandii & the Sunsetz, Venus Gang, Lup Ino, Shamall, Anna Dobiey, Supersempfft, Kleeer, Vera, Blondie, Psychic Mirrors, Osmonds, Can, Serge Ponsar, Bandolero, Alex Valentini, Network, Starflight, Yula Kasp, Robert Palmer, Bagarre, Neville Brothers, Tribute, Depeche Mode, FSOL, Björk, Tantra, Persia, Kroma, Droids, Nick Mason, Supermax, Sky, Joe Jackson, Trans-X, Buggles, Dodo, Cécilia Angeles, Ralph Lundsten, Michelle Gurevich and more... Enjoy! >>>
My live stream from last night, with music from Mori Ra, Pye Corner Audio, Prince, Paul Atreides, Reeds, David Bowie, Pitch, Michalis Rakintzis, Chakk, Nu Guinea, Faze Action, Paul Rein, Oliver Onions, Kathy Diamond, Ichisan, Digitron, Wham!, New Paradise, Dirk Blanchart, Sascha Funke, Sho-Nuff, Workdub, Space Art, Moti Special, Fox the Fox, John J. Olson, Dancer, Joe Machine, Units, Mike Cannon, Ka-Zan, Presence, Haruomi Hosono, Divine, Dead or Alive, Claudja Barry, Kraftwerk, Joakim Skogsberg, Lena Platonos, Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras and more... Enjoy! >>>
Here's a mix I made recently especially for the nice guys at Wildlife Records. Hope you'll enjoy it! >>>