Private Party, Norrköping 2008

Here's Music 4 Hours #5. As usual it contains a bunch of records that I felt like playing, old and new, and a wide spectrum of genres, roughly put in some kind of order and then I took it from there, adjusting, removing or adding some along the way. 100% vinyl and recorded in one take. I didn't manage to get to the more uptempo stuff within the four hours, so I'm saving those for #6.

This time I played music from SFF, Johan Timman, Sladjana, Green Baize, Cosa Rosa, Präsidium, Echo Romeo, Liquid Mask, Cruisin' Gang, Nemanja, Tomoko Aran, Pye Corner Audio, Isabelle Adjani, Blue for Two, Individual Industry, Austra & Gina X, U ?kripcu, Esavù, Sisters of Mercy, Fatma, Hove, Asa Moto, Sandy Marton, Black Gold, Creatures, Fotoplastikon, Jones Girls, Masami Tsuchiya, Loggerheads, Gabi Delgado, Slam, Chris Brann, Rajan James, Xena, Mike & Brenda Sutton, Kryptonite, Denis & Denis, Pineapples, Brand Image, Barry White, White Noise and more... Enjoy! >>>

RTE-009 from RetouchEdit has been released, and here you will find some space-rock disco, cosmic electro-funk, oriental synth-dance and wrongspeed dub-wave.
Available from Bandcamp and Juno Download!

After being struck by the sad news of Florian Schneider's Tour de Heaven I dug out my Kraftwerk records and recorded a completely unprepared three hours long mix as a token of my appreciation.

Thank you for once creating the new future for music, and the music of the future, Florian. Kraftwerk's influence on me, and many others, can never be overstated. He will be missed.

My thoughts go out to his family and everyone who knew him personally. It's a sad loss. Yet another pioneer has left us.

Rest in Piece on your bike. >>>

Here's a guest mix I made for the Isolation Station. Enjoy! >>>

I made a guest mix for Disco Frisco. >>>

I made a guest mix for the Quarantine Radio Show at Graffiti Kings. >>>

I made a guest mix for Balearic Banana. >>>

Here's my latest stream, 77 tracks in six hours! Enjoy this journey, and spread it around! Including tracks from Keller Crackers, Okovi, The Word, Berndsen, Cantillate, Philip Brophy, Ensemble Pittoresque, Junior Byron, Sizike, Gazebo, Feeders, Blow Monkeys, P.L., Model 500, Godley & Creme, Mikki, Shannon, Few Boys, Joakim Cosmo, Enrico Serotti, Musk Men, Maryn E. Coote, El Deux, Queen, Ministry, Ladies Choice, Seona Dancing, Tryphème, Videosex, Optimo, Set the Tone, Space Pilots, DAF, B-Movie, Black Marble, Judas Priest, Amin-Peck, Matia Bazar, Poolside, Phil Manzanera and much more! >>>