Do Not Tape Over #63 (1:26:31)
Recorded 2016-07-18 - For the Do Not Tape Over podcast
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Do Not Tape Over #63
Cosmic Metal Mother - Rat's Poem
Manhooker - I Am Disco [S.Sic Remix]
Vactrol Park - Stars Quivering Slowly
Steve Moore - Lwaxana
Red Axes - The Metal Bender
Frak - This Is Lance
Kreidler - High Wichita
Chrome Brulée - Hyperstructure
Wax Poetic - Cihangir [Ghostnote Remix]
Fredo Viola - The Sad Song [Roland Appel Remix]
The Coober Pedy University Band - Moon Plain
Khidja - Drums of Taksim [Baris K & Mehmet Aslan Remix]
Sordid Sound System - Dub Masquerade
Chantal - Dernier Volta