DJ Zyron Live on ISFM 2013-03-09 (4:11:11)
Recorded 2013-03-09 - An Interstate FM live stream.
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DJ Zyron Live on ISFM 2013-03-09
Klaus Schulze - Floating
Jim Morrison - The Movie
Kraftwerk - The Hall of Mirrors
Samoa Park - Tubular Affair [Instrumental]
Helen - Zanzibar [Afro Mix]
Beautiful Swimmers - Touch Base
Imagination - Music & Lights [Instrumental]
The Sunburst Band - Everydub
Owusu & Hannibal - Delirium [Morgan Geist Unreleased Dub]
Gang - KKK. [Club Mix]
Plastic Mode - A Jazzy Woman
Kano - Can't Hold Back (Your Loving)
6th Borough Project - Hang On
KZA - Le Troublant Acid
The Aliens - The Sunlamp Show [Disco Bloodbath Remix]
Daniel Wang - Black Boots & Sine Waves
Telex - Rendez-Vous Dans L'Espace
Step Time Orchestra - Fancy Theme [Roberto Rodriquez Human Mix]
Blancmange - All Things Are Nice [Version]
David Bowie - Shake It [Remix]
Trio - Wahnsinn V 2
Was (Not Was) - Tell Me That I'm Dreaming [Traditional Remixed Version]
Hercules & Love Affair - Shadows
Magnum Force - Get in the Mix
Cellophane Brain - Gimme Love [Italian Version]
The Human League - You Remind Me of Gold [Dub]
Ryuichi Sakamoto feat. Thomas Dolby - Field Work [Long London Mix]
Explorer - Yellow Power
Black Lodge - Details
Solid State - Tempo Di Roma
Giorgio Farina - Farina's Suite
The Sparks - Tryouts for the Human Race
Peter Richard - Le Planéte Nous Régarde
The Knife - Pass This On
Savage Progress - Burning Bush (Testify) [Mad Mix II]
Tantra - Wishbone
Francisco - Voyage [Club Mix]
New Order - Blue Monday / The Beach
Depeche Mode - Suffer Well [M83 Remix]
Severed Heads - Petrol [Remix Five]
Richard Bone - Monster Movie
Ultravox - The Thin Wall
Yellow Magic Orchestra - U.T.
Rinder & Lewis - Love Potion #9
Mantus - Dance It Freestyle [Disconet Remix]
Charanjit Singh - Raga Kalavati
Future World Orchestra - Theme from E.T. [Ben Liebrand Remix]
Robert Fripp - The Zero of the Signified
Soft Machine - Soft Space
Falco - Ganz Wien
Nirvana - Something in the Way
Ananta - Be with You