I recently started adding all ~1400 videos from my terminated YouTube channel on Dailymotion, about 600 of them done this far. It's a lot of work but I'll try to keep on doing a batch every day. Here's my new home: http://dailymotion.com/0x51d
To show your support, please register a Dailymotion account and follow my channel, or follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/0x51d - or do both! And please spread the word about my move.
Thank you!
Here's my live stream from last night. It's pretty chaotic at times, but try to enjoy it anyway. Inlcudes Wally Badarou, Ralph Lundsten, Tycho, Android Sisters, The Knife, Bee Gees, Nacht und Nebel, Monte Vidéo, Frak, Maanam, Tomas Ledin, Mikael Rickfors, Unkle, Methusalem, Pedestrians, SSQ, Mr Flagio, Chayell, Canyons, Giorgio Moroder, Marcello Giordani, Lusty Zanzibar, Paul Hardcastle, Kord, Hot Chip, Talking Heads, Hard Corps, Sort Joey, Mike Mareen, Ultravox, Alterted Images and more...>>>
Here's my ISFM live stream from February 7:th 2015. Again nearly seven hours long. This time I played music by Genesis, Ralph Lundsten, Eric Hine, Fall on Your Sword, Cabaret Voltaire, B-side, Smea, Delicious Allstars, Nattsudd, Parigi, Six Cups of Rebel, MC1, Daniel Savio, Japanese Synchro System, Asha Puthli, Macho, Ahmed Fakroun, Midnight Savari, Radio Band, KZA, Daniel Wang, OFF, Lain, Bon Voyage, Fresh, Scool, Ralph Falcon, Amin-Peck, EMAK, Ströer, Boys Du Severe, Somnabulist, Iko, Bruce Haack, George Duke, Black Sabbath and many more... I hope you'll enjoy it!>>>
My first live stream in 2015 turned into an almost 7 hour long eclectic journey with music from Men's Fencing, Grannens Förflutna, Rational Youth, Mass Production, Soma Holiday, Jyl, Maze, BWH, Peter Godwin, Psychemagik, Ronny, Carla Baker, Patrice Rushen, Captain Sensible, Malcolm McLaren, Blackway, Marzio Dance, Stereo, BAR, Stabil Elite, Matias Aguayo, Sidwho?, Prince, Dhuo, Kano, Commando M Pigg, Ubangi, Mag & the Suspects, Fleetwood Mac and more. Enjoy!>>>
Here's the live stream I did on New Year's Eve. It was completely unplanned and spontaneous. I started around 11 in the evening, took a short break at 12 to watch the fireworks, and then continued until early morning of January 1:st 2015.>>>