My musical experience of this year's Camp Cosmic was unreal. So many great people played such an amount of amazing music I could hardly take it all in. It put some kind of melodic finger print in my head that keeps repeating, like all music I heard during the whole festival is playing at the same time - and it made me do this. :)
No beat mixing here, just a bunch of really nice tracks put together based on anything but tempos.
I'm back home after visiting Camp Cosmic which was a mind blowing experience! Unfortunately a storm hit the place on Saturday so I was unable to play due to really heavy rain. Here's a test mix I did before the festival, to try out the records I brought. Had I been able to play, this is what it might have sounded like. Hope you'll enjoy!
Camp Cosmic 2015 Test Mix.
I've started an edit label, mainly to have a way to package and release my own edits. It's called RetouchEdit and is digital only for now and the downloads are free, but you can pay if you wish and support me so I eventually can afford to release them on vinyl in the future. The first release can be found here.
Here's the recording of my live stream from June 13:th. This one is a seven hour monster including tracks from Oblique, Zee, Abstraxion, Stereo, Belbury Poly, Primal Scream, Joe Cocker, Fortran 5, Soft Rocks, Bronski Beat, Les Rita Mitsouko, Osmonds, Passport, Bernard Fèvre, Jex Opolis, Destiny, Craig Peyton, Tik & Tok, Stoned Green Apples, Vivien Vee, IMS, 808 State, Ministry, Robotron 4, Kash, ORS, Models, Mya & the Mirrors, Kabbala, Pound Boys, Move D, New Order, Annette, Kroma, XTC, Candido, Mylene Farmer, bob hund, Holger Czukay and many more... I hope you'll enjoy it!>>>
Here's last night's live stream. Nearly six hours long with tracks from Brian Eno, Hans Edler, Eccentrics Edits, Midnight Juggernauts, Psychic TV, Jack Pattern, Farbror Resande Mac, Dan Lissvik, Haruomi Hosono, Private Agenda, Severed Heads, Black Light Smoke, Alex Valentini, Jeancy, X-Ref, Body Party, Baby's Gang, Sha-Lor, Silver Apples, Red Axes, Dude Energy, Frak, Deep Thought, Stevie Wonder, Perfect Zebras, SPK, Winston Tong, Echo Park, Pogues, Amon Düül II, Portishead, Lena Platonos, Yazoo and many more... Enjoy! >>>