My first live stream in 2015 turned into an almost 7 hour long eclectic journey with music from Men's Fencing, Grannens Förflutna, Rational Youth, Mass Production, Soma Holiday, Jyl, Maze, BWH, Peter Godwin, Psychemagik, Ronny, Carla Baker, Patrice Rushen, Captain Sensible, Malcolm McLaren, Blackway, Marzio Dance, Stereo, BAR, Stabil Elite, Matias Aguayo, Sidwho?, Prince, Dhuo, Kano, Commando M Pigg, Ubangi, Mag & the Suspects, Fleetwood Mac and more. Enjoy!>>>
Here's the live stream I did on New Year's Eve. It was completely unplanned and spontaneous. I started around 11 in the evening, took a short break at 12 to watch the fireworks, and then continued until early morning of January 1:st 2015.>>>
Here's my stream from last night. It's 6.5 hours and a bit messy at times. Including Boards of Canada, Steve Moore, Spotnicks, Tangerine Dream, Ubangi, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Nevia Preex, Zee, Konk, Vasco Rossi, Okay Temiz, Faze Action, Blludd Relations, Vivien Vee, Isaac Hayes, Mito, Bagarre, Chris & Cosey, Clock Work Toys, Yello, Twins, Depeche Mode, Lene Lovich, Temptations, Pink Floyd, ABBA, ELO, Barclay James Harvest and more...>>>
Here's my latest stream, including music from William Orbit, Hot Sporran, Golden Ivy, Laid Back, Cliff Richard, Style Council, PIL, Di Leva, Twin Sister, Frak, Skyy, ZZ Top, Osmonds, Piano Fantasia, NOIA, IMS, Kord, Idjut Boys, Heaven 17, Monster Apparat, YMO, OMD, Ignatius Jones, Logic System, Phaeax, Black Devil, Stevie Wonder, Change, DAF, Tubeway Army, Telex, Ken Elliott, Cure, New Order and more... Enjoy!>>>
Here's last night's live stream. Six and a half hour of music from Depeche Mode, The Knife, XR 7, Soma Holiday, Galaxy Toobin, David Bowie, Beautiful Swimmers, Brennan Green, Victrola, Blackway, BWH, David Keaton, Daniel Wang, Mr Flagio, Stargliders, Ajello, Pixeltan, AN-2, Gino Soccio, Thom Yorke, Blancmange, Conservatives, Mr Master, Charlie, Trentemøller, Nhar, Bangkok Impact, Putsch '79, Ronny, Kroma, impLOG, Mando Diao, Black Sabbath, Doors, Saga and more... Enjoy!>>>