A new, crazy, wrong-speed edit. Made by accident, more or less. Get it here.
Finished a new edit last night. I had been thinking about re-editing this awesome wrong-speeder for a long time. Check it out!
Here's my ISFM live stream from August 9:th 2014. Bryan Ferry, Hot Blood, AIR, Depeche Mode, Antena, Jex Opolis, Kavinsky, LCD Soundsystem, Miko, Bill Nelson, Thompson Twins, Noir Désir, Jeff Wayne, Odysseus, Barry Mason, Stopp, Pino D'Angiò, Robert Marlow, Ghecko, Parallax Corp, Frak, Kraftwerk, Total Unity, Can, Cybotron, Rational Youth, Eurythmics, Première Classe, Joe Jackson, DÖF, Wham!, Gilbert O'Sullivan and more... >>>
Another edit was finished last night. Check it out here.
I finished another edit tonight. I always felt this one needed less bad choruses, more umpfh in the bass and more flangery delay. Enjoy, like it was 1984.