Borgen, Malmö 2012

I compiled a new 0x51d pL4n374ry album called Tracks Attracted, you can find it on Bandcamp. >>>

This stream was supposed to go on much longer but Facebook kept sending notifications of matching content where I had to click resume to continue the stream, and they would also suddenly abort the stream so I had to start a new one. All this stressed me which made me lose focus and mess up mixes, so I decided to end it 2-3 hours earlier than planned because my mood got ruined. A bit sad since I had so much more good tracks to play, and now it doesn't even have a proper ending. But I decided to upload it anyway since the video got blocked on YouTube as well. I hope you will enjoy it despite some weak spots. >>>

My latest stream, almost six hours long. This time I streamed to YouTube and Facebook, which was a big mess. FB kept shutting it down, but at least YT have a complete recording of it which you can look up if you don't feel you get enough by just listening to this recording. :) >>>

Nearly five hours of music, mixed from vinyl and streamed live on Interstate FM. Enjoy! >>>

This was my first stream in a very long time, completely spontaneous and vinyl only. Mixing is a bit off at times but I hope you'll enjoy the random selection. You can show your support by helping me fund this release if you'd like a copy: Cheers! >>>

Some tracks that I unfortunately didn't get to play at Datastorm. Back home, unpacking, I decided to mix them up, and into the cloud in a big mess, before sorting them back in a different order; some records have many sweet spots in the collection - like they are family. >>>

This year I returned to the Datastorm party to play some records and spread the cosmic vibes again. I did two sessions, which I've finally added to my mixpage. Audio recorded by SceneSat. Photos by Pad/ and 4champ. >>>

Here's a possible opportunity to get my tracks Teleported and Maintained on a properly mastered 10" vinyl record. Please help me fund this project, if it's a success I will release more records this way.
More info and pre-order on Qrates.