I was notified that the download link to my old Börftmix was broken. Luckily I managed to locate the wav on an old backup CD so I could create a new MP3 with higher bitrate and upload it!>>>
My latest live stream is a really slow builder including Art of Noise, Limahl, Jeff Phelps, Farbror Resande Mac, Lena Platonos, José Padilla, Lassigue Bendthaus, Queen, Blueflame, Herb Alpert, Rampi, Brassica, Jo Bisso, Love & Money, Skatebård, Paul Haig, Chaplin Band, Londonbeat, As Tincos, Hot Sporran, Phreek Plus One, Bette Midler, Blancmange, Ree Pete, Joachim Witt, Wang Chung, Poeme Electronique, Kim Larsen, Nena, Phil Manzanera, Lill Lindfors, Totte Wallin and more... Enjoy!>>>
Here's my latest live stream. Again over seven hours long, and all over the place. Here you will hear music from Ananta, Zoot Woman, AIR, The Company, Klaatu, Telex, Cosmic Metal Mother, The Edge, Goya, Daniel Savio, Grace Jones, Matt Bianco, China Crisis, 10cc, Robert Broberg, Eddie Meduza, Starbuck, Kreidler, Recoil, Chantal, FGTH, In Embrace, Sheila Chandra, Isolators, Nina Hagen, Dan Tillberg, Front 242, William Orbit, America, Dos Palos, Jimmy McGriff, The Clash, Tania Maria, Candy Flip, Letta Mbulu, Moody Blues, The Doors and many more... Enjoy! >>>
Just posting a reminder that I'm streaming tomorrow at 21:00 CET on Interstate FM, hope to see you there!
I'll also take the opportunity to tell you that my first release on RetouchEdit is now available on Juno Download.
My musical experience of this year's Camp Cosmic was unreal. So many great people played such an amount of amazing music I could hardly take it all in. It put some kind of melodic finger print in my head that keeps repeating, like all music I heard during the whole festival is playing at the same time - and it made me do this. :)
No beat mixing here, just a bunch of really nice tracks put together based on anything but tempos.