Private Party, Norrköping 2008

Mixed a bit of this & that, new & old, in place & time. Always vinyl & vinyl only. >>>

Music 4 Hours #4 is here, with tracks from Ghost Vision, Epsilove + Eva Geist, Al Kassian, Throbbing Gristle, Consequential, Quiroga, Dusty Baron, L'Impératrice, Altin Gün, Azymuth, Dhaima, He Said, Phil Manzanera, Damon Edge, Aswefall, Boytronic, Boy Harsher, Róisín Murphy, Rolf Trostel, Stratis, Suzanne Ciani, Vicious Pink, Roxy Music, Indochine, Psychic TV, Mr. White, Kord, Ishi Vu, Easy Going, Solaris Heights, Spencer Jones, Cela, Tim Paris & Sex Judas, Random Factor, Frak, Latecomer, The Pattern Forms, Saine and many more. I hope you'll enjoy it, and please share! >>>

RTE-006 from RetouchEdit is out, dubbed wave soft rock wrong-speed disco cosmic pop for your ears. Available on Bandcamp and Juno Download!

Funnen Mull EP, a new release from RetouchEdit is now available on Bandcamp and Juno Download!

It's fascinating how, sometimes, if you slow things down, it gets even more enticing, driving, captivating and interesting. 33 is the new 45. >>>

Did a late night totally spontaneous live stream on Interstate FM playing some random records. Everyone missed it, but now you can listen back and download here. Enjoy! >>>

I recorded a new Someone's Imagination song called "For Life", you can find it on Bandcamp.

I felt it was due time for another Music 4 Hours so I recorded this with some nice music from Zenit, Anna Domino, Luca Musto, The Kloom, DAF, Startled Insects, Super Paolo, Lil' Louis & the World, Oro, Céline Gillain, Michal Turtle, UB40, Judie Tzuke, Imagination, Pieces of a Dream, Ourra, Grace Jones, Adam Chini, Peaking Lights, Populette, Ponty Mython, Escort, Umo Vogue, Osynlige Mann, Demis Roussos, Sky Tony, Z-Moor-Z, Raw, Red Axes, Asa Moto, Miko & Mubare, Jimi Jules, Michelle Gurevich and more. I hope you'll enjoy, and please share it! >>>