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Zyron - Music 4 Hours #02 (3:55:25)
Mixed from vinyl with love.
Recorded/broadcast on 2018-07-11.

Robert Schröder, Tim "Love" Lee, Majesticons, AIR, Der Kundalini, Kiani & His Legion, Pàscal, CUBS, Elisa Waut, Zru Vogue, Bop & 291out, Rickard Jäverling, Take Three, Woolfy vs. Projections, Xique-Xique, Jesse, Rheingold, Mono Band, Gaznevada, Junior Byron, Comsat Angels, David Keaton, Shahara-Ja, Unit One, Neu!, A'mbar, Abaddon, Bandjo, Max Vincent, Hooverphonic, Gabi Delgado and more...